About the Podcast

Stop Riding the Pine host Jaime JayWelcome to Stop Riding the Pine.

The name of the podcast is based on a sports analogy for 'Get off the bench'. Jaime Jay is an amateur hockey player who has created several successful businesses with his DIY attitude and a drive to accomplish an education-based dialog with his tribe, his listeners known as the Opiners.

In the beginning, Stop Riding the Pine (SRTP), was created to interview leaders in the industry to share their marketing tips and strategies. As the podcast has grown both in terms of listnership and history of episodes, the content has evolved as well. The show is now dedicated to identifying incredible entrepreneurs and managers that have demonstrated incredible team building skills. We are excited to highlight the power of incorporating a thriving  company culture through unique and creative strategies.

I call our listener’s the “Opiners”.  Why?  To Opine means to hold and state one’s opinion and it goes great with the name of this show.  The Opiners can take what they want from these thought leaders and create an opinion about it.  I love hearing from the Opiners and the feedback means everything.  It determines the direction we head and what kinds of guests you like.

Former NHLer Mike Zuke and SRTP Host Jaime JayAs you can probably tell, we love the sport of ice hockey and we wanted to integrate the sport of hockey with our passion for online marketing.  “Stop Riding the Pine and Get in the Game” is a sports analogy for people to get off their behinds and get in the game. While it’s okay to sit on the bench when it’s not your turn, you had better be ready to go when you are called upon. If you are an entrepreneur, then you probably understand the importance of getting in the game.

If you aren’t playing well, consistently training, or doing your best, chances are you are going to be benched by the coach.  Nobody likes being benched, but sometimes it takes some coaching and a different aspect to snap out of your funk.  Thus, this podcast was born as a solution to motivate you to Stop riding the Pine and get in the game! We look forward to seeing you “On the Ice”.

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