Common Reasons that Make Your Distant Assistant Less Efficient

Common Reasons that Make Your Distant Assistant Less Efficient

Many skilled individuals are enjoying the advantages that they have from working as home-based Distant assistants. But despite their ability to complete projects and their passion to succeed in their jobs, they are not exempted from occasional bouts of inefficiency. Here are 7 Common Reasons that Make Your Distant Assistant Less Efficient.

1. Unscheduled meetings

Attention is essential when completing a task. It requires a distant assistant to be deliberate with the things she does as well as to the set of instructions that she is to follow.

There are inevitable circumstances, however, when her presence is wanted in an unscheduled meeting. From time to time, she may get messages that say something like “Can we meet now?” or a surprise call from her client.

Unfortunately for some distant assistants, the sense of urgency strays them from their tasks and makes them forget what they were supposed to do next. Their chain of thoughts are interrupted and ideas of the moment are either set aside or lost forever.

2. Distractions in the home office

Pieces of research have shown that working from home does not only allows a company to save money but it also empowers workers to be more productive than when they are working in a traditional office setting.

Although it can be true, home-based distant assistants are still not free from distractions. Reason number 1 above already presents this as a fact.

Different types of distractions that your distant assistant might be exposed to:

  • Noise from next door neighbors
  • Desire for attention from her kids and other family members
  • Unbearable temperature inside her home office
  • Pets who want to play
  • An empty, grumbling stomach
  • An unexpected guest
  • Other distractions from your DA’s workplace

Working from home does present unique advantages on you and your distant assistant’s end. But it does not necessarily remove the challenges that may arise from the work environment.

3. Slow or unstable internet connection

This usually tests a distant assistant’s patience and ability to manage the amount of work she has to complete for the day. A slow or on-and-off internet connection can drag:

  • File uploads
  • Web page load
  • Online research
  • Saving a blog post
  • Skype calls or video meetings
  • Project deadlines

Such situations typically call for a backup internet connection or an alternative plan to make things work. Try asking your distant assistant how she works her way through these; you might be surprised by her ingenuity and resourcefulness.

4. Delayed salary

Talks about salary and paying on-time are some of the topics which you might feel uneasy as the client. But from an idle perspective, these things could reflect the trust between your distant assistant and you as the client or business owner.

One distant assistant said this…

“There are two things which scarcity of resources cannot destroy. The first thing is trust that your client is reliable. The second thing is your passion for your special skill.”

A lot of questions can run through your distant assistant’s mind if her salary is delayed. They could be questions like:

  • Have I done something wrong with my work?
  • Did I do anything to disappoint my client?
  • Is my client no longer earning enough from his business?
  • Are my services losing their value?
  • Does my client still want to work with me?

All these questions can make your distant assistant anxious about your work relationship. It can lead her to feel uneasy and confused as to whether she should continue with her job or not. In the end, a simple message of assurance can empower her to go on.

5. Health issues

From common colds to terminal illnesses, these health issues can weigh heavily on anyone. They weaken the body and make the person unable to perform particular tasks.

One thing common among distant assistants — and business owners — is that they sit for long periods of time. According to Mayo Clinic, even this can result in serious health concerns such as obesity, cancer and heart disease.

6. Poor communication

How do you communicate with your distant assistant? Poor communication can pave the way for inefficiency when:

  • Introducing a new project to your distant assistant
  • Finding ways to market
  • Trying to resolve an issue with your business
  • And in almost any endeavor you take together

Most of the time, your distant assistant would look for you on instructions regarding new or unfamiliar projects. The DA’s lack of direction can lead her confused as to what do or how to complete a project.

Good news is there are messaging apps and management platforms online that you can make the most out of. Among our favorite picks are Redbooth and Skype.

7. Dinosaur work devices

As old as pre-historic times, your distant assistant might have one of these “dinosaur” devices that she uses for work. Don’t get us wrong; working as a distant assistant does not necessarily have to be expensive.

In most cases, an average DA can purchase a working computer and phone that can match her budget.

It is these outdated devices which may impede her tasks. There could be a need for her to download specific applications or software. But because her device is as “old as time”, chances are she could have a hard time finding a compatible application to download.

Final Thoughts

Your distant assistant can be your best partner to succeed in your business. She can work alongside you every day and complete projects to the best of her skills.

When inefficiency strikes, you can talk to her and try to understand its possible cause. There could be different reasons for each DA.

We hope that you found the answers to your distant assistant concerns in this blog post. You can schedule a free consultation with us should you be in need of better assistance.

BNDA delights in empowering business owners and entrepreneurs through vetted DAs.

Let us know what you think about these Common Reasons that Make Your distant Assistant Less Efficient. Feel free to share your thoughts with others in the comments below!

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