Dave Sanderson: How to Aviate, Navigate and Communicate During Traumatic Life Events


How to Aviate, Navigate and Communicate During Traumatic Life Events.

Dave Sanderson, Founder and President of Dave Sanderson International

Posted by Bottleneck Distant Assistants on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dave Sanderson is the Founder and President of Dave Sanderson International, based in Charlotte, NC. On January 15, 2009, in New York’s freezing Hudson River following a bird strike-induced loss of both engines, Dave was one of the 155 passengers, one of the last passengers off flight 1549 – known today as “The Miracle on the Hudson” and was largely responsible for making certain others made it out safely.

Since the Miracle on the Hudson, Dave has spoken over 1800 times around the world and had the opportunity to meet and work with leaders from several industries. Using his 30+ years in being a top sales producer, ten years of being the head of security for Anthony Robbins and his unique experience of surviving a plane crash, he has learned and speaks about using your personal leadership skills to find your DISTINCT ADVANTAGE- your PITTChE ( Point In Time That Changes Everything!)

Dave has been appeared on Fox News, CBS, CTV, Global TV, NewsTalk1010 and numerous local TV and Radio stations and has been featured in publications such as “SUCCESS” Magazine, “Entrepreneur” and “AARP Magazine”. Dave has helped the American Red Cross raise over $14.7M since the Miracle on the Hudson. In addition to speaking, mentoring, coaching, and training, Dave delivers workshops on personal and servant leadership and increasing personal performance in critical times. He is a highly
sought- after Podcast celebrity, author of the best-selling book, Moments Matter. He hosts his own show streaming through Amazon Alexa, Voice of Personal Leadership.
In his TEDx talk, Bouncing Back, Dave shares strategies on PTGS (Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome).

Dave is a faculty member with Dominique Wilkins, Don Barden, Brittany Tucker, and Steve Nedvidek at the Leadership Mindset Series based in Atlanta GA. In his private group, IMPACT, Dave helps to grow his team with their leadership skills and with proximity to like-minded, focused servant leaders. Through his online course, Cultivating Personal Leadership, Dave shares the best strategies he has learned from some of the greatest leaders he has personally met, studied under, and implemented in his life to become a top producer, sought after speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Dave is married to Terri and has 4 children. He resides in Charlotte, NC.

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