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On this episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Jonathan Goldhill talks about seizing the reins of the market by being the business leader rather than a follower.

Jonathan Goldhill is as much of an entrepreneur as they come. He has launched and scaled several multi-million-dollar businesses, and created the largest non-profit lending program in California. His book, Disruptive Successor, is an in-depth playbook for driving growth in any business.

So if you want to blow past the competition and become the leader of your category, stay tuned to this episode.

Who is Jonathan Goldhill?

Jonathan is someone who believes that it is better to lead the way in the market, rather than follow or imitate something that is trending upwards. Taking this proactive role means that you get to set goals and the progress you want, rather than being reactive and waiting on what others will do next.

“It’s about daring to dream and having a big vision, then building a team of people that a vision that is bigger.” –  Jonathan Goldhill

For Jonathan, having a big vision already sets you apart from most small business owners. He adds that most small business owners are business owners by default, and not by design. They have the technical know-how to exceed in their craft, but don’t have the knowledge yet to scale it and make their business world-class.

He believes that by having this bigger vision, setting goals and priorities, and then disrupting the market by becoming the leader and not a follower, you can blow out your competitions out of the water.

Having a Vision You Aspire to in Life

Jaime then talks about his belief that a vision must be something that you truly aspire to do in your life. That way, you can find like-minded individuals who share that vision, and can help grow it with you along the way. Because if your people do not share your vision, it could lead to broken links and having sustainability issues in the long run.

Jonathan agrees with his thought, and adds that it makes sense to start with a vision based on your life and building a company around it, rather than having a company and basing your entire life around that.

He quotes B.C. Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine: “The business of life is living, not business.”

Knowing the Vision of Your People

Jonathan also points out that it is one thing to have a clear big vision for your business; you also have to understand the vision of the people who are part of your company.

He explains that if you don’t take the time to know them and take the time to know what matters to them, they will never fully align with you and your vision.

“That’s rule number one: people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Jonathan Goldhill

To learn more about Jonathan Goldhill and how you can disrupt the market and blow away your competition, continue listening to this episode.


Jonathan Goldhill has entrepreneurship in his blood. He grew up in a family that owned one of the largest manufacturers of men’s clothing in the U.S.

He’s launched and scaled several multi-million dollar businesses and created the largest non-profit lending program in California which financed over 100 companies in as many industries. Jonathan also created an award-winning Entrepreneurial Training Program that helped hundreds of companies in a diverse range of industries including, Aerospace, Entertainment, Construction, Food Distribution, Technology, and Finance to name a few. His clients include Kings Hawaiian Bakery – a family business with over $200m in annual revenue, Niner Bikes – Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, and Anchor Loans – 2nd Fastest Growing Business in San Fernando Valley.

Jonathan’s book, “Disruptive Succcessor” is an in-depth playbook for driving growth in any business, especially family businesses, through his 7 P’s Framework – Purpose, Planning, Products, People, Priorities, Processes, Performance.” He’s a natural team-builder who helps his clients put the right people in the right seats and gets them doing the right things right.

His mission is to challenge people to think differently about how they run their business so they can have more freedom, earn more money and make a greater impact.

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