Damion Lupo

On today’s episode, Jaime Jay welcomes Damion Lupo. Damion is the CEO and Founder of Total Control Financial, Inc. He’s a seasoned entrepreneur, who is set to helping others take charge of their finances. Tune in to his fascinating story, and learn how you can create your own financial destiny! 

Off an Early Start

113 Damion Lupo Take Charge of Your MoneyDamion accidentally started his own business at 11 years old. He wanted to play video games, but was financially constrained. So, he sought for ways to earn money.

“If we’re willing to get off the bench—willing to do something—we can solve just about any problem we have.” -Damion Lupo

He found leads from the newspaper as to where he could buy video games. For that, he hired his parents to drive him to their houses, bought their games in bulk, and sold the items one at a time.

Seeing the Opportunity

Awareness is the key to solving a problem. Damion wanted the games so much that it opened him to opportunities.

“It’s funny that these things are just right in front of us.” -Damion Lupo

He believes that when we are conscious, our eyes open up and allow us to see things that we never thought was just around. Everyone needs to be aware to see the opportunity.

On the Path to Freedom

113 Damion Lupo Take Charge of Your MoneyCandor, growth, and a big vision are essential to become totally free. When Damion started his career, his idea of freedom and wealth was about earning more. He invested in real estates for money.

“The why for me was just more money, which is a really dangerous why because you’ll do just about anything to get to it.” -Damion Lupo

He thought himself amazing after a number of remarkable accomplishments. He realized, however, that he was not being candid and transparent. The universe eventually spilled over him.

Hear about Damion Lupo and know how you can create your own financial destiny. Connect with him at dlupo@totalcontrolfinancial.com. Remember to let Damion know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Damion Lupo if you are in a hurry:

  • Off an early start? ([4:39])
  • On the path to freedom? ([7:41])
  • A clear vision and mission? ([10:28])
  • Total Control Financial? ([16:40])
  • Fear of failure? ([21:41])
  • Life as an author? ([28:03])
  • Guide to 401k retirement? ([31:33])
  • Damion’s breakaway moment? ([34:01])

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