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Aaron Walker – Business Man and Life Coach

Aaron Walker is a native Nashvillian in Tennesse and has been there for 55 years. He started out at 13 years old working for a local pawn shop. At the ripe age of 18, he convinced a couple guys that had plenty of money to partner with him to start their own store. At 21 they bought their second store, 25 their third store and at age 26 they purchased their fourth store.

Cash America in Ft. Worth, Texas was a fortune 500 company was going through acquisitions and made an offer to Aaron that he just couldn’t refuse. Just 27 years old, Aaron retired from the Pawn Shop business. At first he thought this was going to be great; however, after 18 months and 50 lbs heavier, Aaron got bored and depressed. His wife told him that he needed to do something so he went back into the pawn shop he started with. During the next ten years, Aaron quadrupled business at the pawn shop.

Aaron Walker - A View From the TopAaron’s life changed forever on August 1, 2001. He was on his way to work early in the morning. A pedestrian was crossing the street and didn’t look where he was going. Unfortuneatley, Aaron hit the pedestrian and he didn’t make it. He lived for three days in the hospital, but the extent of his injuries was just too much. This really rocked Aaron’s world. He went back to the office and told his partner he was done. He told his partner that he had been chasing money all his life, had done very well finanically, but he needed to take a break.

How Did Aaron Walker Get into His Life Coaching Career?

Aaron Walker A View From the TopAaron took the next five years off. He built a new home and traveled extensively. His wife Robin was very supportive through this process because the life-altering incident that occured wasn’t something Aaron was going to get over in a couple months. For the third time, Robin woke him up from a nap and said “Your getting fat again. It’s time to get back to work”.

Growing from Success to Significance is a big theme of mine. It’s important for everyone in all areas of life: Business, Personal and Spiritual. – Aaron T. Walker

Aaron Walker at Podcast MovementAaron went into the construction industry. The guy that built Aaron’s house was a great guy and so Aaron decided to partner with him. Using his expertise in sales and marketing, Aaron grew the business to the #1 builder three consecutive years in a row in middle Tennessee. When Aaron turned 50, he retired from the construction business. He thought he was finally done with work, finally.

His good friends Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller that he has been in a mastermind with for over two decades told him that he needed to start coaching. Aaron had so much experience in business and he was married for 30+ years. He was in a great position to help other guys become successful. Now he has national and international clients where he gets to help ordinary men become extraordinary each and every day.

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Aaron goes into so much more during our interview so I can’t recommend enough listening to the show. It’s a little north of 45 minutes, but if you are looking for ways to improve your business, you will definitely want to strap in and enjoy. This is a perfect show to listen to while you are walking on the treadmill or driving to work. I really can’t recommend this episode enough. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did getting to interview this amazing man!

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Aaron Walker if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Aaron Walker? (3:35 Mark)
  • Aaron breaks down the meaning of the word “Serve”. (10:01 Mark)
  • Aarons take on podcasting. (18:30 Mark)
  • How does Aaron use LinkedIn as a strategy to build his business? (28:30 Mark)
  • Aaron’s Break Away moment. (37:03 Mark)

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free gift Aaron WalkerTo test out the FREE personal assessment, the 25 questions to get the life you want and to learn Aaron’s steps to a productive day visit http://viewfromthetop.com/srtp.

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