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Jaime Jay welcomes AK Turner to today’s podcast. AK is a New York Times bestselling author, and has received stark reviews and awards for her writings. Tune in to know about her books and about how she makes time to do what she loves!

AK Turner Making Time for PassionBorn Out of Traveling

Amanda, known as AK Turner, is primarily a humor writer. She has been traveling with her family, and so decided to write the acclaimed humor series based on their experiences.

When you have kids there’s this thinking that you have to learn how to bake cookies, join the PTA, and travel only on school breaks; we just decided that it didn’t need to be the case.” -AK Turner

Their family lives mostly in Idaho. Roughly 4 months every year they exchange their home for some other place to travel and explore.

Favorite Place with Family

AK and her husband have always been travelers. They used to work in movies and tv, where they worked at different locations around the world.

Tazmania is one of her favorite places to travel with her family. AK shares how they spent 2 months in Australia. She loved visiting the old prison ruins as well as the animals that only existed there.

The Road Less Traveled

AK Turner Making Time for PassionAK and her husband wanted something different, something out of the ordinary way of living life. For this, they decided to take the family to a test trip in Mexico. They spent a month just trying to see how everything would work.

We get a little more adventurous each time.” -AK Turner

They spent 3 months in the same place the following year. Afterwards, they decided to go and explore somewhere unfamiliar. Since then they’ve visited exciting places, such as Australia, Micronesia, and Brazil.

Hear the rest of the story of AK Turner and be inspired to make time for your passion as well. Connect with her at amanda@akturner.com. Remember to let AK know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

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Vagabonding with Kids
This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store
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Here are the highlights of my conversation with AK Turner if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is AK Turner? ([4:18])
  • Favorite place to travel to with family? ([8:56])
  • How the idea on traveling came about? ([11:16])
  • Challenges didn’t realize? ([13:40])
  • About homeschooling? ([16:18])
  • How kids adjust? ([18:25])
  • AK’s Breakaway Moment? ([24:30])
  • AK’s piece of advice? ([29:51])

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