Bob Burg – Take Your Business to the Next Level

Jaime Jay welcomes Bob Burg – Take Your Business to the Next Level to the show today. Bob is a speaker & bestselling author, animal lover and free-market advocate.Bob Burg - Take Your Business to the Next Level

Bob Burg Getting off the Bench

Bob Burg began his career as a newscaster in a small ABC affiliate in the Midwest. He graduated into sales but initially floundered regarding selling itself. He began to study sales and read Zig Ziglar among others to learn the habits he discovered to become successful. He credits his success with having a good system. A system that has a predictable outcome.

The 5 Laws

The 5 Laws from Bob’s book the Go Giver are principles that help bring action to life. Everything is based upon a premise, a way of doing and thinking about things. The book is a story and not a how to. The premise of the book is shifting from getting to giving. When you become that person that is constantly providing value to others.

We need to be genuine – Bob Burg

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Bob’s book The Go Giver

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Bob Burg – Take Your Business to the Next Level if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Bob Burg? (5:40 Mark)
  • What is the importance of predictability? (7:24 Mark)
  • Why should someone buy from you? (9:50 Mark)
  • What does Bob say about being authentic? (11:50 Mark)
  • What is the Go Giver philosophy? (15:30 Mark)
  • What was Bob’s break away moment? (19:47 Mark)

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