Brendan Hufford the Value of Teaching

Brendan Hufford grew up on Syracuse NY with the support and opportunities provided by his mom. he ws never hungry. He didn’t want to learn for himself. All through high school and college he rode the pine. He was the worst who made the team or the best who didn’t and he fell into the as a mindset.

After discovering a passion for teaching he decided there had to be a better way to teach and discovered he wanted to teach something he was passionate about. In 2011-12 Brendan started his own business, a local community blog devoted to the Jui Jitsu scene in the Chicago area. Through research to learn how to make a better blog he discovered Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn.

entrepreneurs and coffee podcast showBrendan then he discovered Gary Vaynerchuk and stayed up until 2 or 3 am watching Gary’s key-note speeches on YouTube. With that inspiration he went headfirst into the online world with Here Brendan did reviews of all the Jui Jitsu uniforms manufactured, something he is passionate about.  He was up off the bench, ready to hop the boards onto the ice and get into the game.

Here’s Brenan’s interview with Gary Vaynerchuck: Gary Vaynerchuk on Entrepreneurs and Coffee

Brendan Hufford Keeps it Simple

Brendan Hufford EntrepreneurBrendan loves Jui Jitsu. When he gets a chance to train he usually ends up teaching as well. he finds that most teach by demonstrating and there is no curriculum. The “here watch me do it” method is not effective. There is a way to teach and a way to just demonstrate. He won’t inundate students with too many details. Overwhelming leads to “paralysis by analysis” and most end up doing nothing with too many details to concentrate on.  If you give you one detail or one nugget of information to hone in on and you decide to make it a part of what you do, that’s huge. One tip not a hundred to remember makes learning so much easier.

Brendan Hufford on Value

There are two ends of the spectrum. First the marketing guru that offers a course for $1,000.00 because he knows he will get better customers with a high price, the high price adds perceived value and he will get more action because it is more expensive. The problem is, his stuff is crap, useless. Brendan isn’t going to buy a product from someone teaching how to run a business if that person has never actually had one of their own.

Brendan Hufford EntrepreneurSecond are the imposters. Those who feel like what they have to offer everyone already knows and it’s not needed. Very often this is not true. Most really do know something unique that can be taught and shared with others and can provide value.

Ask yourself what other people ask you for help on. When Brendan started podcasting a lot of people started asking him questions regarding podcasting. he then put himself in a position to provide a service and help others. Much like Tony Robbins. tony feeds millions of people a year and that money is raised in-service.Brendan also wants to be helpful and provide a great value and he does not want anything in return. If he can help that person be successful in another way like make an additional $10,000.00 per year, it has value. When he sees something has value, he starts to develop a product.

Brendan Hufford – Building Your Product with Value

Brendan HuffordBrendan has always personally branded everything he has done for better or worse. In Jui Jitsu, most build a team to win, he doesn’t look at it that way. Competitions are a dime a dozen. He isn’t really interested. Those that are big name black belts winning world championships are not his target. His team of athletes create blog posts. From the simplest list of what to bring to the gym or how to have a successful relationship while continuing Jui Jitsu. This provides value to his product.

Two keys to success are passion and patience – Brendan Hufford

Brendan Hufford on Building Good Habits

Brendan HuffordBrendan is so passionate about what he does whether it be his family, job as assistant pricincipal at a charter school, on-line presence or teaching and training in Jui Jitsu. All this is time consuming and requires good habits. He uses an app he loves called to track a lot of different habits he trying to build, like sleep. His goal is to get 7 hours per night. He might wake up feeling like crap, look at his app and discover he has only slept 7 hours the last 4 of 12 nights. Knows that the work he puts out will not be as good as it could be and he won’t be as productive or effective as he could be. He’ll try to catch up quickly because he realizes how much more effective he will be.

Brendan Hufford – Words of Wisdom

Brendan loves Start with Why by Simon Sinek. He says it’s a great place to start if you are looking to get off the bench or do something with your life. Maybe you feel unhappy or maybe you feel insecure. Start with your why and things have a very clean way of working themselves out. Ask yourself who do you want to serve? Figure out how you can be of service to others and get over your belief of worthlessness. If you can’t find your worth, go out and find something to learn and teach it to others. Be passionate about serving others.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Brendan Hufford if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Brendan Hufford? (2:14 Mark)
  • How did Brendan get started? (6:16 Mark)
  • What does Brendan do full-time? (12:11 mark)
  • Brendan talks internet marketing from two points of view? (15:46 mark)
  • Brendan discusses niching down to build up? (22:44 Mark)
  • How to build your brand personally? (24:24 mark)
  • What was Brendan’s break away moment? (27:56 Mark)
  • Brendan’s words of wisdom? (35:33 Mark)

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