Brian Basilico – Marketing Awesomeness!

This was one of the funner interviews I had the privelage of hosting. Brian is not only funny, but he’s pretty darn brilliant. The thing that really stuck out in my mind about Brian was how easy he explains things. He has a tremendous knack for conveying the technical aspects of marketing your business online in such a way that a person with no experience in the industry can not only comprehend the marketing process, but they can act on it right away.

Brian BasilicoBrian Basilico is a nationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and adjunct professor. He brings over 30 years of marketing experience to his award winning internet marketing company, B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc. Brian is a syndicated blogger, and has been featured as an guest expert in Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines, as well as various news articles, radio shows, and podcasts. He was recognized by the Online Marketing Institute for the 40+ digital marketing strategists as luminaries who have paved the way for digital marketing innovation and education throughout the past year 2014.

Brian has over 30 years experience in the marketing arena. He started in marketing by opening up a recording studio in his father’s basement. He was eventually hired by AT&T to become a video tech. He went on to shoot, edit and produce various campaigns for them before starting up his own commercial recording studio. He did jingles, radio and television. He had large clients including doing all the training “cassettes” for Avon. He did small stints for Arthur Anderson and another ad agency before starting his current company called B2B Marketing and he’s been there over the last 14 years.

Brian understands how important it is to evolve in this industry. He said “When I had my recording studio, five employees and $250k worth of gear sitting in the basement of his corporate office, and nowadays, that same kind of technology can be purchased on an iPhone with a $10 app”.

Brian enjoys teaching his clients about the industry so they have a better understanding of marketing; however, he also enjoys providing products and services such as:
2014 Small Business Winner Book Awards Brian Basilico

  • Websites
  • YouTube
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Social Networking
  • Google
  • and much more…

Brian teaches quite a bit, but the part of his teaching that really separates him from most professors/teachers, is that he practices what he preaches. He doesn’t stop participating in the world of marketing. In order to be teaching this subject, you have to be hands on so you know what’s going on. Brian gets this and that’s why the people that go to listen to him speak get real-time value. No one will ever get depricated information when they talk or listen to Brian.

Brian Explains Relationship Marketing Utilizing the Know, Like and Trust Model

  • Know Portion: This is the part of the process where you get to meet face to face.
  • Social Media Portion: This is the “Like” part of the process where you get to grow and bond your relationship and keeps you memorable.
  • Trust Portion: The “Trust” portion is where the transaction happens.


If you are looking for a “How-to” social networking book, then this is not for you. This is a “Why-to” book. If you have been overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting examples and theories about why social networking works for some and not for others, this book will be an eye-opening breath of fresh air.

The easiest way to find Brian is by Googling him, but here are his direct links that were mentioned on the show:

ItB2B Interactive Marketing Website
Not About U Website
Brian Basilico on Facebook
Send Brian a Tweet – @bbasilico
Connect with Brian Basilico on LinkedIn
Brian on Pinterest
Watch Brian on YouTube
Visit Brian’s “My Marketing Magnet” Page
Brian Basilico Podcast iTunes

This was a great interview and I encourage you to listen to the show in its entirety; however, I’ve made it easy for you to listen to a couple of the highlights of the show below:

  • Meet Brian Basilico. (2:02 Mark)
  • What are the two most shared things on the internet? (This is a totally surprising stat – see if you can guess?) (8:40 Mark)
  • What is OPB? (10:05 mark)
  • Brian’s take on “Relationship Marketing”. (10:50 mark)
  • What is your Bacon? (13:14 Mark)
  • How did Brian generate ongoing interest in his book? (13:46 Mark)
  • What is Brian’s Favorite Tip? (14:38 Mark)
  • What does Brian say about Social Software? (23:31 Mark)
  • What was Brian’s Break Away Moment? (27:59 Mark)
  • Brian’s “Parting Words”. (33:01 Mark)

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