Bryan Muir

Bryan Muir hails from Toronto, Ontario. He played on 7 NHL teams over a career that spanned 13 years and won the Stanely Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in 2001. Today Bryan provides content marketing for investors while staying involved with the NHL alumni community.

“Hockey players tend to be the most down to earth people and everyone should try to be that way.” – Bryan Muir

Journey to the NHL

149 Brian Muir Stanley Cup Champion Succeeds On and Off the IceBryan played hockey since childhood but had to stop for awhile when he was diagnosed with a disease. Thankfully he completely recovered at the age of 14 and went back to the game.

“My scholarship was the end deal for me, but obviously the world had bigger and better things for me.” – Bryan Muir

He eventually got a scholarship to the University of Hampshire. That led him to be a part of the Canadian team and ultimately to the NHL. It was around 1994 when he signed up with the Edmonton Oilers.

Challenges and Blessing

Bryan shares how challenging it was to be a free agent. He brought nothing with him when he joined the team.

“You look at the NHL and I think maybe 50-60% of the NHL comes through the AHL. And that is an amazing development league to teach them how to be professionals.” – Bryan Muir

He was thankful that his coaches taught him what it took to be a pro. He remembers playing a total of 122 games in his first year between the minors and the pros.

Determination to Be in the NHL

Bryan did not dream of being in the NHL in the beginning. He did not even have favorite players. It took quite awhile before he believed it was possible.

“A season in the minors is like 2 seasons in the NHL.” – Bryan Muir

He became determined to prove everyone that he could make it. In whatever league he played, he told himself that he didn’t belong there — he belonged in the NHL.

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