Chris Dayley

Are you earning from your site’s traffic? On today’s episode, Jaime Jay welcomes Chris Dayley of Disruptive Advertising. Chris believes in the importance of challenging ideas. He is an experienced SEO specialist, and is passionate with testing and optimizing conversion rates. Tune in and discover how you can identify and convert your target market!

The Need to Convert

Chris Dayley Convert with Disruptive AdvertisingChris started as an SEO specialist. He spent years in helping businesses get traffic and rank higher on Google. One of his clients tripled their traffic over the last year.

We sat down, tallying all these great numbers and the business owner said, ‘Okay, that’s great. So what? What does that mean for my bottom line?’” -Chris Dayley

They got lots of traffic, but had no idea how it influenced their business. Unfortunately, the traffic didn’t generate money for them.

That’s how Chris got the idea for Disruptive Advertising. He saw the need to convert people by understanding what they really need.

Away with False Assumptions

Many typically make assumptions about their target market. They proceed with their plans without even challenging them.

Problem with where these false assumptions come in is assuming that anything your competitors are doing is actually working.” -Chris Dayley

It’s great to do competitive analysis, but not beneficial when you assume they’re succeeding. Chris advises to avoid doing so unless you’ve already tried your competitor’s strategies. Be humble enough to challenge what you believe.

Growth in the Online Industry

Chris Dayley Convert with Disruptive AdvertisingAccording to Chris, the online space has a huge impact on businesses. But, things change like the behavior of users on the internet. What worked in the past may no longer work now.

The types of things that they liked a couple of years ago, are things that drive people crazy now.” -Chris Dayley

Your business can lag behind if you’re not updated. This is why Chris regularly conducts tests with his clients. Technology and users advance each year.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Chris Dayley if you are in a hurry:

  • The need to convert? ([4:19])
  • Away with false assumptions? ([6:40])
  • Tips to test your website? ([13:27])
  • What causes poor ad strategies? ([17:18])
  • Things to do early in business? ([20:35])
  • Time to approach Disruptive Advertising? ([23:15])
  • Chris’ breakaway moment? ([26:11])
  • Chris’ piece of advice? ([29:33])

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