Chris Simnick is the founder of, a division of the Synergy Franchise Group. Chris has over 30 years of experience in the franchise business business as a franchisee, franchisor and now a prominent franchise consultant.

His expertise has taken him all around the world. His “Teach! Coach! Consult! Advise!” philosophy is more than just a phrase, it’s at the heart of his company’s core values. He specializes in the creation and implementation of key strategies and business plans for concepts, or business looking to franchise, looking to enter franchising. He also helps franchise systems that are looking to take the next step in their business.

Chris Simnick FranchiseTeacher.comChris Simnick has travled the world helping franchises grow their business, and while he is based in Florida, he enjoys meeting people face to face. That said, he understands the importance of establishing a solid online market place. He utilizes both online and offline marketing strategies in addition to a proven training system that begins with a FREE one-hour consultation followed by a feasability study prior to advising his clients of making a commitment to franshise or invest in a franchise opportunity.

Chris completed the Fast Track M.B.A. Training in Franchise Mangement at Nova Southeastern University, and received his CFE designation from the IFA in 2004. He frequently speaks at large venues and has been an instructor at numerous seminars, classes and events on a variety of topics including:

  • Domestic, International and Global Recruitment and Development
  • Utilizing the Internet to Build Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation and Recruitment Tools
  • Training and Operations Processes
  • Franchisee/Franchisor Relationships

Chris has also had the fortunate assignment of teaching modules of the Mini MBA Course for International Institute for Franchise Education (IIFE) at Nova South Eastern University and the Philippine International Franchise Conference and Expo in Manilla, Philippines.

During this podcast, Chris addresses several interesting topics including:

  • Who is Chris Simnick? (2:20 Mark)
  • How is business done today? (7:28 Mark)
  • Why is “able” so important to your buisness strategy? (9:36 mark)
  • How do you approach your franchise consulting? (15:52 mark)
  • What do you tell people about the business of franchising? (20:14 Mark)
  • What is the difference between teaching, coaching, , consulting and advising? (23:00 Mark)
  • Is free really worth something? (31:30 Mark)
  • What were Chris’s “Break Away” moments (he has three – hat trick anyone?) (36:22 Mark)

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