162 Christopher Lochhead Pioneering New Market Categories

Just want to give you a heads up that there is some pretty salty language during this episode… just fair warning – if you can get over that, you are in for a F&@$ing fantastic show:-)

Christopher Lochhead

162 Christopher Lochhead Pioneering New Market CategoriesChristopher Lochhead is an author, podcaster and successful entrepreneur. His book Play Bigger pioneered new ways of thinking about business that changed the way innovative thinkers could dominate markets.

“Categories live as long as the world agrees about the problem and the solution.” – Christopher Lochhead

Career in Sales

Scott has been in sales for more than a decade. His success came from discovering the common things in every situation. He found two basic truths: 1) there is a sales process and 2) people are people.

“Categories make brands, not the other way around.” – Christopher Lochhead

He took action on the things he learned. After working for someone for awhile, he was able to build his own business.

A Positive Approach

Sales is often associated with negative words like sleazy, fast-talking, and unethical. Not a lot of people enjoy doing it. But Scott shares that most of these stereotypes spring from the challenge of closing a sale.

“In the world of business there are too many solutions looking for a problem.” Christopher Lochhead

He created a way for sellers to become more comfortable with their posts. He refers to it as the “How can I help you” mentality. According to him, it provides options and takes away the pressure.

Investment in Sales

Before venturing into sales, Scott suggests to first be clear whether it is the field you want. Sales, after all, is a profession. It requires skills.

Entrepreneurs can invest their time to learn sales. He also emphasizes the need to know the process involved.

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