Colin Wayne How to Hire and Win with Your Employees | Ep. 250

Colin Wayne

Colin Wayne is the Founder and CEO of Redline Steel, a customized steel manufacturing company inspired by design and relentless innovation to bring a level of quality unprecedented to what’s been seen in home decor.

“A huge level of culture that people resonate with is when they can see their management group or leader with them every step of the way.” – Colin Wayne

Leading the Way to Success

Colin Wayne How to Hire and Win with Your Employees | Ep. 250Colin has an amazing drive in business. He is the type of leader who is not afraid to get into the trenches. This year, his goal is to have 1 million product orders.

“As an entrepreneur that’s progressively growing and aggressively growing, it’s hard to realize the success you’ve had until it’s pointed out by a ton of other people.” – Colin Wayne

Entrepreneur Journey

Since he founded Redline Steel in 2016, they have grown to nearly 50 employees. A military veteran, he served for the U.S. for almost 7 years with 3 tours. Going to the gym helped him cope during his transition to civilian life.

“You’ve got to lead from the front.” – Colin Wayne on choosing the people to work with and guiding them towards the vision

He is also a former fitness model and was the face of more than 50 magazines which include Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. And, as a social media sensation, he has millions of followers on different platforms.

Defining Success with the Team

To Colin, success is waking up every morning on his terms and being able to live the life he wants. Every day, he wakes up with a passion for the things he does.

He loves turning something from concept to reality and that is exactly what they are doing at Redline Steel. He believes that each employee they hire can bring value to the company and can achieve a high pinnacle of success with them.

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