Derek Champagne

Jaime Jay interviews his friend and digital marketing agency founder Derek Champagne. Derek talks about how wonderful life is getting to help so many companies with their digital marketing campaigns. He enjoys learning and loves giving back.

Early Beginnings in Music and Business

At an early age, Derek already knew the importance of connecting with an audience and everything else related to marketing. His parents were musicians, and he spent a lot of time with them including in their performances.

130 Derek Champagne Founder of the Artist EvolutionBy 11 years old, he and his brother teamed up with a band. They traveled all over the country. By the time he turned 12, he served as their manager.

“With that frame of mind, I had all the enthusiasm to just go and conquer the world as far as learning about marketing.” -Derek Champagne

Social media and website still didn’t exist that time. Music and business have been his passion. He was 20 years old when bought his first franchise.

Career Transition

Derek eventually moved to California. He worked in the music industry and had his own marketing entertainment company as well. The time came when he decided to venture the professional side of his career.

Years later, he started doing speaking engagements. People would still remember him as the bass player.

“Let’s be proud of the mosaic that makes us who we are.” -Derek Champagne

By 2007, he started his digital marketing agency named The Artist Evolution. Among his clients were Domino’s Pizza, America’s Car-Mart, and Princeton University. To this day, he helps businesses and startups focus on efficient strategies.

Practical Business Solutions

130 Derek Champagne Founder of the Artist EvolutionFrom his years of experience, Derek is happy to share to you his #1 Amazon Bestseller book titled Don’t Buy a Duck. His position allowed him to do real campaigns for companies every day.

“If you are not sure on some of the things you are spending on, the book will give you confidence on what you should do next.” -Derek Champagne

Among the things they do at their company are writing messages, doing press releases, putting up billboards, and a couple more. His book contains practical ideas that businesses may have been overlooked sometimes.

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