Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski

Jaime Jay interviews Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski of NuVisionHealthCenter.com and NuVisionExcel.com. Tune in as they discuss the importance of being a healthy leader and of taking care of your mind and body so that you can help others.

Solutions to Health Issues

128 Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski Directing Leaders and Those Around Them to Reach Their Maximum Health PotentialDr. Zyrowski is a health professional who is dedicated to help you live your highest potential. He’s had his own share of struggles, particularly when he was still studying in graduate school.

“We can build the dream life but at if we are courting a heart attack that is going to put us in the grave at a young age, then none of that matters.” -Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski

He and his mom sought many specialists for help, but to no avail. So, he went to find his own answers. After years of research, he finally found the right solutions that you too can apply.

Health is Wealth

128 Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski Directing Leaders and Those Around Them to Reach Their Maximum Health PotentialAccording to Dr. Zyrowski, many in the workforce nowadays struggle from chronic conditions. Not only does it prevent them from showing up to work, but it also causes financial burdens to the concerned individual as well as to the company.

“When we look at the number one reason for personal and corporate bankruptcies, in many cases it has to do with the individual’s health or the corporation’s health care issues.” -Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski

He understands the issue himself because he has experienced it before. Health is an important matter to consider. People turn to him for help to improve their health and thereby empower them to pursue their dream life.

Challenges in Grad School

128 Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski Directing Leaders and Those Around Them to Reach Their Maximum Health PotentialYears ago, Dr. Zyrowski struggled badly in his health. Graduate school proved to be a real challenge. It required a very sharp mind that can master, memorize, and comprehend lessons.

“When you get that brain inflammation, you get all types of mental fatigue.” -Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski

After a year and a half in grad school, he started losing his ability to memorize, focus, and just have any type of mental stamina. He remembers taking a test and still not know anything after how many hours of study. That was when he decided to seek for help.

Consult with Dr. Nicholas Zyrowski

Visit Dr. Zyrowski at NuVisionExcel.com, and click on the green button for a FREE CONSULTATION. Feel stronger, healthier, happier, and more able to pursue your dream life!

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