Drew Griffin is the founder and mobile application developer at Mobile Apps Labs, author and public speaker. He develops unique Mobile Applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well as mobile marketing strategies that integrate interactiveness and commerce. He consults with businesses to develop mobile applications and and mobile app marketing strategies.

Podcast MagazineHe is a National and Public speaker. He continues to present at SCORE.org events, Local Chambers of Commerce, Local and National Conferences on topics related to Mobile Applications, Technology and Mobile Marketing. He is the publisher of Install Magazine, an interactive digital magazine to iOS Newsstand for iPhone and iPad. He is currently partnering with content creators to publish other Newsstand Magazines for iOS, individuals and businesses toi develop mobile apps for iOS. Android and Kindle.Specialties: Mobile App Developer, iOS Apps, iPhone Apps, iiPad Apps, Android Apps, Amazon Kindle Apps, Newsstand Applications. Utility Apps, Directory Apps, Mobile Marketing, Content Distribution Specialist, Author

Drew Griffin is Author of Mobile App Formula: How To Develop Mobile Apps Even If You Are Not A Programmer, Founder and Publisher of Podcasting Magazine which is found exclusively on Newsstand for iPad and iPhone, and public speaker on topics related to App Development and Digital Publishing through Multicasting. Drew Helps individuals, businesses and organizations develop their ubiquity footprints, lead generation and conversion and social engagement. He does this by democratizing and leveraging emerging technologies and platforms utilizing Multicast Marketing.

Drew Griffin

Drew Griffin

We covered a variety of topics during the show and while I knew we were going to be talking about, mobile app development, digital magazines and Drew’s new healthy lifestyle, I learned a lot about what he is doing and why was participating in Visalus. Congrats to Drew for already losing over 20 lbs. and he is super excited about becoming a healthier person. One cool thing about Visalus is their “Project 10 for Kids”. To hear what they are doing, listen to the show at the 46:37 mark.

The Mobile App Formula by Drew GriffinThe Mobile App Formula by Drew Griffin is available on Amazon today. If you are interested in learning more about creating your very own mobile app without having to know complicated coding, then definitely stop by Amazon and grab a copy of Drew’s book by clicking on the book cover image.

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Learn more from Jedi Knight and all-around awesome guy, Drew Griffin. Here’s his contact info:
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I always learn something when I talk with Drew and I sure hope you get a lot out of this show. Listen to the highlights of the podcast below:

  • Who is Drew Griffin? What did Drew do before he got into app development?(4:02 Mark)
  • What can you do with a mobile application? (12:24 Mark)
  • Now this is a great story… hint – it has do with the power of mobile applications and how you can monetize them (18:46 mark)
  • Drew gets into detail about what a digital magazine is and can do for you or your clients. (30:24 mark)
  • Drew is getting healthy and sheding that weight. Wanna know what he’s doing? (40:33 Mark)
  • Giving back in a very special way. (46:37 Mark)
  • Drew shares his “Break Away” moment. (54:50 Mark)
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