Evo Terra Evo Terra has led innovative and disruptive strategies for 20 years. In business, he’s launched and managed enterprise-level commerce platforms and directed international agency teams. As an educator, he’s hosted nationally syndicated radio programs, authored many instructional books, and is a nationally known speaker. As an entrepreneur, he’s launched many startups, all with varying degrees of success. Through it all, Evo stays focused on emerging trends, the impact of science on on society, and the importance of critical thinking.

Evo TerraEvo currently holds positions in several companies including Podiobooks.com as the President, BigBounce.co as the Chief Disruption Officer and also as a strategic advisor for Scribl.com which sells books online using “Crowdpricing”. Definitely want to get into that. In addition to his current duties, he’s a published author of multiple books including his latest book, the Beer Diet, Making Killer Google+ Profiles, Writing Awesome Book Blurbs, Expert Podcasting for Dummies and Podcasting for Dummeis (2nd Edition). Evo has been quoted as saying “Innovation preceded by disruption is just natural and predictable progression”.

Evo Terra Takes Multi-tasking to an Entirely New Level

Evo Terra Disruption MasterPositioning himself witin multiple companies, encapulates Evo’s desire to constantly strive to find the next best thing. While most of us may collapse under the pressure of multi-tasking at this level, this is Mr. Terra’s comfort zone. Evo is currently involved in three companies and the first of which is a company called Podiobooks.com wherein you are the President. He coined the phrase “podiobook” in April of 2005 to describe serialized audiobooks which are distributed via RSS feeds, much like podcasts – the combination of podcast and audiobook. All the podiobooks are free of charge; however, they ask for donations to help keep these services available. Evo took the time to thank Libsyn for their help with the hosting. They are a great company and you should check them out for your podcast hosting needs.

Evo Terra Helping You Acheive SuccessHe is the “Chief Disruption Officer” for a company called BigBounce.co that was an idea drummed up between Sitewire President, Bret Giles, and Evo when he held the VP of Media and Innovation position for five years. Big Bounce transforms disruptive startups into sustainable businesses. We use a variety of flexible, lightweight processes to incubate and accelerate our member businesses, help them master business fundamentals, and provide executive-level guidance and other support structures necessary to run a sustainable business. I read about BigBounce.co and it seems to be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to take their concept to the next level.

Evo is also a strategic advisor for Scribl.com. This company provides readers an opportunity to find the right book and pay the right price based on a powerful new software known as CrowdPricing. It’s also a platform that provides authors another resource to share their work and help them build a portfolio and even get their books published. Scribl.com is currently in the “Beta” process, but it’s moving forward at a rapid pace.

Evo Terra on Fox News with Shepard SmithEvo Terra on Fox News with Shepard Smith Reporting

If you would like to learn more about Evo Terra, check him out online at:

Evo Terra’s Website

Google Plus

Here’s a great article about the differences between disruption and innovation:

Disruption and Innovation Are Not The Same Thing

Want some good reading? Check out Evo’s bibliography:

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It was a blast interviewing Evo. Listen to the highlights of the podcast below:

  • Who is Evo Terra? (3:15 Mark)
  • What is Podiobooks.com – Evo’s even coined the word. (4:24 Mark)
  • Why does Evo apologize for his rant? (9:41 mark)
  • What does CrowdPricing mean? (13;50 mark)
  • Evo talks hockey? (21:26 Mark)
  • What does a Chief Disruption Officer do at BigBounce.co? (23:03 Mark)
  • The challenges of a start up in the digital age. (27:03 Mark)
  • What is the difference between “Disruption and Innovation”?(33:53 Mark)
  • Evo adds a nice twist to his “Break Away” moment. (36:22 Mark)

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