Jake Heilbrunn

Jaime Jay welcomes Jake Heilbrunn to today’s podcast. He is an up and coming leader in his generation. At 19 years old, he self published an inspirational memoir titled Off the Beaten Trail. His inspirational videos and motivational talks have already reached thousands. He has also been featured in media outlets including The San Diego Union Tribune, Thought Catalog, and Psychology Today. Tune in for some valuable insights on how surfing the unknown can pave your way for success!

Jake HeilbrunnDown the Low Path

Growing up, Jake was a good student and played soccer for many years. He planned on going to college, but never really thought about other options. Shortly after entering college, however, he developed a chronic skin condition.

“I realized that I was going on a path that I did not believe in.” –Jake Heilbrunn

He was alone, and eventually became anxious for about 5 to 6 months. At the age of 18, he went through existential crisis. For this, he left college after the first semester and went backpacking at Guatemala for four months without a phone.

Off the Beaten Trail

Jake HeilbrunnJake’s amazing experience at Central America led him to write his book titled Off the Beaten Trail. It is a memoir about leaving an unfulfilling path to pursue a scary and exciting journey. It was unlike anything he has ever experienced.

As a kid, Jake has traveled throughout America with his family. He has also went to England for a soccer trip. Those trips, however, were nothing sort of exotic. He knew that he needed to escape the confines of a system and be in a whole new different place.

Kickstart to Success

Jake knew about Kickstarter through a friend. He was writing the first draft of his manuscript when he was shown a video of a guy who biked from Oregon to Patagonia. That’s when he got the idea.

“You need to hit the ground running.” –Jake Heilbrunn

It took him 5 months to prepare for the launch of his campaign trailer. After his trailer launch, he was able to raise an incredible amount of 3,000 US dollars in just 24 hours! He is really thankful that he was able to raise the funds to publish a professional quality book.

Listen to the rest of the story of Jake Heilbrunn to discover some valuable insights on starting and improving your business. Connect with Jake and learn how to effectively market your business. Remember to let Jake know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

Jake’s Website
Jake’s Book

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jake Heilbrunn if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Jake Heilbrunn? ([5:25])
  • About Jake’s book? ([6:54])
  • Why Central America? ([9:33])
  • Most difficult challenge? ([11:28])
  • Launching his Kickstarter campaign? ([13:18])
  • How Jake preserved his message? ([16:59])
  • Jake’s Breakaway Moment? ([20:44])
  • Jake’s piece of advice? ([25:45])

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