Joe Apfelbaum

Jaime Jay welcomes Joe Apfelbaum to today’s podcast. Joe is the CEO of a digital agency in New York called Ajax Union. He’s been wildly successful as an entrepreneur currently earning 7 figures annually.  Joe shares his secrets of success personally and in business with Jaime Jay on today’s podcast.

From the Start

Joe started his digital agency about 9 years ago with his partner. They grew their firm in 18 months to number 178 on the Inc. 500 Joe Apfelbaumout of 5000 companies! They doubled their revenue every year for 3 years.  To date, they have serviced over 1100 companies in all types of digital marketing services. That’s a fast track to success!

Challenge Accepted

Joe likes to challenge himself and keep changing the way he is as a human being. He’s always trying to become a better person. 4 years ago he began a weight loss journey. Since then, he has lost over 75 pounds.

“It’s not just luck, you have to learn the science of growing a business to be successful.” – Joe Apfelbaum

It’s been a complete lifestyle change for him, just like entrepreneurship. Joe went from being a 6 figure entrepreneur with 7 the different companies he was managing to focusing on one and growing it to 7 figures!

Focus, Focus, Focus

When Joe started out, he wanted to be everything to everybody. He did not want to limit himself and do one thing for one type of Joe Apfelbaumclient. All he could think of were all the opportunities out there waiting for him.

“Get rid of self-limiting beliefs and learn from your failures.” – Joe Apfelbaum

When someone wanted help with something like a marketing plan, Joe would jump on it. Hey, it was money but the business was stuck. There was no way they could offer everything to everybody.

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It suddenly hit Joe one day, he was going to offer an SEO plan to small businesses. He stuck to his business plan and turned down money! His goal was to get 100 SEO customers. In the first 6 months they were making $60,000/month! It’s all because they focused on one service and one service only.

If you want to learn how Joe Apfelbaum achieved his 7 figure income, then make sure to listen to this episode.  You can also check out his links below to learn more about him.  He welcomes all questions, comments, and inquiries! Don’t forget to mention you heard about Joe on Stop Riding the Pine:-)

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Joe Apfelbaum if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Joe Apfelbaum? (4:08)
  • Joe’s 75-pound weight loss secret (6:48)
  • Challenges of a 7 figure business? (11:04)
  • Joe’s success firing customers? (15:26)
  • Should you put your photo on your business card? (21:34)
  • Greg’s Breakaway Moment? (26:53)

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