Joseph Sanok

On today’s episode, Jaime Jay welcomes Joseph Sanok of Practice of the Practice. Joseph is a mental health counselor, business consultant, speaker, and podcaster. He has interviewed leading personalities, including Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and Chris Ducker. Joseph has also authored five books, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Buzzle, and Yahoo! News.

Journey in Business and Counseling

Joseph Sanok Practice of the PracticeJoseph trained as a counselor. He had a full time job and did counseling at the side to pay off his student loan. His experiences in business and counseling led him to become a guide to people.

One thing I always say to my audience is we want to make an impact on the world, we want to have influence on the world, and we want to make an income in the world.” -Joseph Sanok

In 2015, he left his full time job and helped more counselors plan, start, and grow their private practices. He also helps other small business.

A Heart to Help

Joseph went to Haiti in his early 20s. He was shocked to find that people lived in poverty a few miles from the United States.

He realized how privileged he was just by living in a first world country. That fact give him the duty to help those beyond the bottom lines.

Making Every Moment Count

People typically find it easy to give their best when starting a business. Things were pretty challenging for Joseph when he started out.

Joseph Sanok Practice of the PracticeHe launched his Practice of the Practice blog in 2012. Sadly, he and his wife found their daughter had a heart condition and needed an open heart surgery.

We’re at a good point, but I still have the efficiency mindset because every moment of time is given to us.” -Joseph Sanok

Two years later, Joseph was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. His mother had a heart attack while he was at the hospital for his pre-checkup. And, few more disheartening events took place.

All those led him to question the time he spent in blogs and his dream of a podcast. He learned the value of time. Now that he’s cancer free and everything’s doing good, he still justifies every hour he spends in business.

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