Josh Elledge How to Grow Your Business through Influence | Ep. 244

Josh Elledge

Josh Elledge is a serial entrepreneur and U.S. Navy Veteran, who is passionate about helping his fellow entrepreneurs to level up their influence. With efficient strategies, they, too, can scale their businesses in the right direction.

“The best, most successful people are not only good at what they do but they are incredible promoters. They are also very thoughtful about taking their work and getting out on the road with it.” – Josh Elledge

The Power of Influence for Businesses

Josh Elledge How to Grow Your Business through Influence | Ep. 244Nowadays, the average consumer sees thousands of brand messages daily. Competitors can be found anywhere online, marketing through various types and pieces of content.

That’s why it is critical for businesses to find ways that will help them level up their perceived authority. As Josh puts it, there’s work to be done in order to stand out.

Up My Influence Online

Many businesses are already online. Unfortunately, there is this so-called Great Divide — a digital barrier that seemingly prevents consumers from connecting and establishing authentic relationships with brands.

“People don’t get to see the real you. That’s a problem that is keeping a lot of us (businesses owners and entrepreneurs) from making a lot of money as we could.” – Josh Elledge

Josh and his team specialize in helping others boost their influence. Hence, the name of their company “Up My Influence”. They were able to generate over $6 million dollars in revenue for by making sure they are very available to audiences.

Where Authority Comes From

Contrary to popular belief, success in business does not come from having a college degree. According to Josh, authority comes from a willingness to teach and to lead.

“If you love people and if you love serving other people, you’re on your way.” – Josh Elledge on what it takes to succeed in business

The good news is that advancements in technology have made it easier to connect with people from anywhere in the world. For any business, influence can multiply the amount of respect it has in the industry. It can also boost sales, audience size, and growth opportunities.

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