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Jaime Jay welcomes Kevin Donlin to today’s podcast. Kevin is the “accidental pioneer” of online marketing, having sold his first eBook in 1994. He is an outstanding copywriter and marketing adviser to big and small clients, and has been on ABC-TV, Fox News, NBC News, CBS Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and many others. Listen in to learn how marketing multipliers can make your business become more successful! 

The Accidental Pioneer

Kevin DonlinKevin started marketing in 1994, when he sold one of the first eBooks. He ended up working in a marketing and communications firm, where he worked on a client project for FedEx. He wrote brochures and created some other marketing collateral for them. 

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He went on his own by 1998. For 10 years since then, he helped people market themselves by creating resumes and cover letters for them. He eventually transitioned into business marketing. Kevin considered himself as a plodder who just kept on failing forward until he got to what he has become. He never quit.

“Everyone’s good at something; it’s just a matter of how soon you find it and how soon you’re gonna be paid for it.” –Kevin Donlin

He has been writing since 9 years old. Writing is his passion. And, in the span of time he learned the necessary skills to be a copywriter. His 21 years of experience in the marketing industry gave him the insights he needed to become one of the best in his league.

Using Paper Email

In this podcast, Kevin identifies the significance of a marketing multiplier, a tool that replaces a skill. It is basically a small action that can deliver a big result. An example of this is the paper email. Compared to the digital email, paper emails get opened 85% or more of the time.

“Anything good that happens accidentally, you wanna find a way to make it happen on purpose.” –Kevin Donlin

He believes that anything tangible makes deeper and long-lasting connections on our brain. This way, paper emails get the recipient’s attention. Furthermore, in the podcast, Kevin also gives some insights on real and useful marketing research.

Kevin DonlinThe Hot Button Detector Strategy

Market research can be useless and frustrating. To avoid this, you have to know which blogs or sources can help you out. Learn about the rich field of market research. For this, Kevin offers the hot button detector strategy.

Hot buttons are emotional things that make us irrational and make us do the illogical. In a way, they trigger an unbalanced mood and give the need to release stress. In turn, it urges consumers to buy your product.

Make sure you listen to the entire podcast with Kevin Donlin to gain powerful insights on marketing multipliers. Connect with Kevin and learn how to effectively market your business. Remember to let Kevin know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Kevin Donlin if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Kevin Donlin? (5:23)
  • Fear of getting into business (10:30)
  • Marketing multiplier and the paper email (13:38)
  • The Amazon Focus Group (21:12)
  • The two sets of reviews (23:21)
  • The hot button detector strategy (25:00)
  • Kevin’s Breakaway Moment? (34:45)
  • Kevin’s piece of advice? (39:30)

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