Kord Angelucci

On today’s episode, Jaime Jay welcomes Kord Angelucci. Kord is the owner of Kord Coaching. He is passionate about helping children boost their confidence through sports. Tune in and learn about his inspiring program, and discover how you too can keep your health and fitness in check!

Confidence to Succeed

Kord Angelucci Internet Health and Fitness CoachKord’s passion and mission is to help children find their innate strength and have the confidence to succeed. He himself has ADHD and dyslexia, and experienced firsthand how the school isn’t always the ideal place for developing confidence.

“Too often parents focus on their kid’s grades. Often times, they don’t support what the children like to do.” -Kord Angelucci

He wants to motivate parents to get their children involved in various activities. Kord believes that active participation is what will give the children passion and success in life.

Winning and Learning

At present, Kord coaches children ages 4 to 11. He modifies existing games to cater to each child’s needs. He acknowledges the fact that children have different ways of learning.

“Children love basketball because it offers immediate gratification. A child can actually see the ball go into the hoop.” -Kord Angelucci

Among the sports he has in his program are basketball, hockey, and soccer. He saw that children start building their confidence when they start winning games.

The Importance of Having a Coach

Kord Angelucci Internet Health and Fitness CoachAt Kord Coaching, they measure each child’s performance. They partner with parents, and acknowledge their investment in their children.

“Sometimes parents have to understand that what’s best for their child isn’t what’s best for them right now.” -Kord Angelucci

Kord believes that it’s the lesson learned that helps a child succeed. This is why having a coach is important. Children and adults need people who can guide them in life.

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