Manny Wolfe

Jaime Jay welcomes Manny Wolfe to today’s podcast. Manny is the trainer and founder of 1,000 Speakers Academy. Tune in to learn about his remarkable story and mentoring program!

Manny Wolfe Power of CommunicationOvercoming a Belief

Manny was born in a cult in San Francisco during the height of the Hippie movement. He shares the challenges he had for being born in such a strong ideology.

One of the things that it creates in people is the belief that outside the group they can’t survive.” -Manny Wolfe

It is powerful when someone becomes a cult as an adult, but more powerful when one is born into it. Manny is very much happy that he overcame it after many years.

Seizing the Power of Communication

For many years, Manny did not know how to connect with others. He always felt disconnected from the world outside of the belief. This shaped his 28 years, where he later got into drugs and other forms of listlessness.

It does not do justice to the pain that comes with that feeling of just always feeling like an outsider.” -Manny Wolfe

It was not until he found himself planning to kill someone that his life changed for the good. That led him to asking deep questions. From this, he realized the power of communication.

The Speakers Academy

Manny Wolfe Power of CommunicationManny now trains speakers, empowering them to reach their maximum potential. In the process of discovering and learning about himself, Manny came up with some good questions.

In what way could I serve that would call all my strengths to bear, and would require me to get better, bigger, expand, and grow?” -Manny Wolfe

It took him 8 years to know with answer. Manny put all his skills together to provide a methodology that would make anyone a phenomenal speaker.

Hear the remarkable story of Manny Wolfe and know about the mentoring program he’s offering. Connect with him at Remember to let Manny know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

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