Marc Shamus is a Positive Leader who Encourages others to Become the Very Best that they can be in their Life. Marc pursues helping others achieve time freedom. I have known Marc for a couple years now and truly enjoy our friendship. Marc has a tremendous tribe that is very active because Marc is so engaging. Marc definitely practices what he preaches. He’s been involved in online marketing for nearly 20 years. He loves growing his business by sharing his expertise and helping others acheive their dreams.

Marc ShamusMarc understand the technical side of marketing and has an infectious personality that resonates with many people. He truly cares about his network and strives to grow his network through integrity and a strong commitment to excellence. You never have to worry about Marc not following up. He prides himself on the fact that he is well organized and because of his experience in the internet marketing industry, he has a wealth of knowledge to share with those that are looking to become successful online.

Marc talks about relationship marketing strategies and lifestyle tips including:

  • When did Marc start in Sales? (1:54 Mark)
  • The history and importance of having a mentor (6:45 Mark)
  • What is relationship marketing?(10:04 mark)
  • What is the difference between Hype vs Hope? (18:35 mark)
  • Why follow up is so important? (26:26 Mark)
  • Why will customers do business with you? (31:20 Mark)
  • Customers = addition and promoters = muliplication (37:15 Mark)
  • What was Marc’s “Break Away” moment in life – (43:02 Mark)

Marc’s Contact info:

  • You can visit Marc’s website at
  • Get social with Marc on Google Plus and Facebook.
  • Send an email to Marc at if you would like to talk with him more.
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