Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland is a successful podcaster and entrepreneur. She knows how to make interview guests stand out and turn listeners into leads.

“See what’s been stopping you, and take action on it. Get it done.” – Nicole Holland

Connecting Businesses to Clients

152 Nicole Holland Podcast Booking Expert Maximizes Time for Busy ClientsNicole is the owner and founder of She helps service-based business owners and CEOs connect with their ideal client base through podcast guesting.

She once worked for the Washington Sports and Entertainment. As the years progressed, Nicole pursued many other paths in her life. Now, she’s taken the thing that she loves best and is helping others get their word out.

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid a Dream Killer

Nicole observed how early wantrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs tend to get caught up in their plans. They dive into the specifics. But according to her, it is one of the biggest dream killers.

“Know what that vision is and where you want to go. Let go of the details, because they are not serving you today.” – Nicole Holland

There is a need to take action, and allow the next steps to appear. Otherwise, it’s easy to miss the things that are just in front.

Start of the Business

Nicole wanted to gather the best of the best in a niche and introduce them to those who are looking for answers. If someone is looking for a virtual assistant, for example, she would introduce him or her to Jaime Jay who is an expert in the field.

“Getting attached to the details of how you are going to create your business farther than arms reach can be a waste of time and can be dangerous.” – Nicole Holland

As she started her podcast, she became passionate about producing quality results. She saw the need for podcast guests to connect with the audience.

That inspired her to introduce guests to other podcasts that could match their message. She fell in love with it since. Eventually, it grew into the business she has now.

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