Nina Kaufman

Jaime Jay interviews Nina Kaufman and talks about small business and why it’s important to build your business that isn’t dependent upon the YOU running the business.

“Not everything has the same value to your business. It’s just as important to know what to do more of as it is to know what to do less of or to stop doing.” – Nina Kaufman

From Law School to Business

134 Nina Kaufman Not Your Ordinary Business AttorneyAfter graduating from law school, Nina expected to find a job with big firms. But that was not to be. She ended up starting her own firm instead with a partner.

“What happens with your business and where you start may not be where you end up.” – Nina Kaufman

Twelve years later, she sought an expert regarding how much their business is worth. To her dismay, she found they had nothing to sell. The business was too dependent on her.

Scaling Your Service

From that experience, Nina considered what it would take for a business to sell. Just like many other entrepeneurs, she wondered how she could take a 30-day off and return with more profit.

“What you’re delivering is your service. Find ways to scale it.” – Nina Kaufman

She discusses that people are known by what they have in mind. And it is your service—not the products that you sell—that matters.

Eyes on the Numbers

134 Nina Kaufman Not Your Ordinary Business AttorneyTo entrepreneurs who desire to up their business, Nina suggests that you consider the numbers. It is not necessarily about your message.

“The first place is with the numbers. Really look at who are you working with.” – Nina Kaufman

Many start their businesses with just their skills and expertise. Because of that, they tend to base their profit margin off their competitors’. They don’t have much idea about running a business.

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