Patrick McDaniel

Jaime Jay interviews Patrick McDaniel of Find out how he helps motivated but weary people find the smartest path to success so they can finally see real progress toward their goals.

Starting Wise Insights

129 Patrick McDaniel Wise InsightsPatrick has had different careers. He has been a CPA, a pastor, a sales consultant, a digital marketing strategist, and now he runs his own company.

“Wisdom is applied knowledge and finding better ways to get from point A to point Z.” -Patrick McDaniel

Wise Insights started with his desire to put together something that’s full of wisdom. They focus on two streams of wisdom: research-backed insights and time-tested wisdom. And there are two dimensions of decision making as well: process and hidden influences.

Wisdom for Entrepreneurs

Wise Insights is for entrepreneurs and/or achievers who want to have more out of life. Patrick saw how these individuals typically start but eventually lose their will to go on.

“Time-tested wisdom is proven observations from wise thinkers through trial and error to help you avoid stupid choices.” -Patrick McDaniel

The idea of a sure buddy is one thing they try to apply. A sure buddy is someone who has been up the mountain, and can guide mountain climbers on which way to go.

For Patrick, he considers himself as an investigating sure buddy. He is learning as much as he is sharing.

The Importance of Wisdom

129 Patrick McDaniel Wise InsightsSome entrepreneurs seem to be constantly going up. But at some point, there exists a time when they need to do long stretches and just keep grinding.

“Just keep going, keep learning, and keep getting wiser at what you are doing because you don’t know what you don’t know.” -Patrick McDaniel

To help them continue, entrepreneurs can set annual, quarterly and weekly goals. They just need to find the time to complete them.

Patrick himself started his journey with the idea of succeeding. Along the way, he realized the importance of also understanding what he is doing.

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