Ravinol Chambers

Jaime Jay welcomes Ravinol Chambers to today’s podcast. Ravinol is the founder of Be Inspired Films, and has been its producer and director for 9 years already. He is very passionate about inspiring others through films. Tune in for an exciting talk on success and filmmaking!

Funding a Great Cause

Ravinol Chambers Harnessing Passion and Success through FilmsRavinol founded Be Inspired Films, a company that creates powerful videos. They serve to tell stories for people and organizations who are trying to make a difference in the world. Together with his team, Ravinol makes videos, animations, and live steaming for charities, foundations, universities, health and social enterprises as well as for big companies.

I wasn’t really thinking in anyway that I was going to be a filmmaker; I was just purely thinking practically that this is a way to share our work.” –Ravinol Chambers

Ravinol used to be a project manager and fundraiser for different charities. He lived in Africa in 1995-1996. He was doing a project for some street kids that time. To keep it running, he knew he needed to raise awareness and funds. That’s when he decided to create a film.

Off a Good Start

Ravinol Chambers Harnessing Passion and Success through FilmsIn 2003, Ravinol ran programs for young people who seemed at risk of getting excluded from education. He had mentoring programs to get business people to become positive role models. For this, he used video as a powerful tool to get more funding.

After getting an MBA years later, Ravinol set about to thinking what to do next. He remembered the power of videos and wanted to make a difference in the world. From these ideas, he started Be Inspired Films.

Lessons in Business

During the early stages of his business, Ravinol shares that he was advised to: do great work, be visible, and get paid. He understood the significance of getting seen in his market place. For this, he made strategic partnerships with people through whom he’d gain visibility.

At a certain point, you gotta know that you’re gonna be aiming towards that [getting paid].” –Ravinol Chambers

Ravinol was very ambitious about starting his business. He always want to give his best at all times. He discusses the significance of time and the fact that you don’t go to the next level right away.

Listen to the rest of the story of Ravinol Chambers to learn how you can succeed as well. Connect with Ravinol and get some valuable help in producing your own video content. Remember to let Ravinol know you heard about him on Stop Riding the Pine!

Be Inspired Films


Here are the highlights of my conversation with Ravinol Chambers if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Ravinol Chambers? ([4:42])
  • How Ravinol got into making films? ([5:58])
  • Lessons in starting a business? ([11:20])
  • Different tuning one’s self? ([23:33])
  • Harnessing one’s skills? ([29:06])
  • Some thoughts on live streaming? ([30:53])
  • Ravinol’s Breakaway Moment? ([35:58])
  • Ravinol’s piece of advice? ([39:58])

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