Seth Buechley

Seth Buechley is a successful entrepreneur and author that’s dedicated his work to helping others become better leaders. He connects potential leaders with the people they need to grow their business and their leadership.

“Being determined is a prerequisite to being an entrepreneur, but there are also things that we have to be aware of in the downside.” – Seth Buechley

Journey as Entrepreneur

146 Seth Buechley Successful Serial EntrepreneurSeth got into entrepreneurship at a young age. In his late 20s, he was already a member of a board of public companies. To him, it was a nice season of growth and was a great opportunity to build something meaningful.

“Gratitude to ambitious people – take time to do a detailed accounting of what gifts you’ve been given.” – Seth Buechley

He made a lot of investments and started a couple of businesses himself. One of which became a national business in the US.

A Book on Ambition

From his experiences, Seth saw how a lot of talented, ambitious individuals struggle with the sense of contentment and satisfaction. That inspired him to write his book Ambition: Leading with Gratitude.

“When a leader self-destructs, we don’t do that in a vacuum. We impact these ripples all around us.” – Seth Buechley

He wrote it to study ambition. He saw two major influences that make a person ambitious. One is because a person was born that way, and the other is because of external influences.

What Happens to People with Drive

According to Seth, there are two things that can happen to driven people. One is they achieve their goals only to realize that it didn’t satisfy them the way that they thought it would.

“Having a group of people that have respect for you and weigh in on your opportunities helps tremendously.” – Seth Buechley

They also set their goals so high that they fail to reach it in the end. As a result, they become disappointed and lack the tools and training to deal with it. He further discusses the implications of ambition.

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