40 Seth Greene – The Ultimate Marketing Magician

Seth Greene – The Ultimate Marketing Magician

Seth Greene Marketing MagicSeth Greene is the founder of the fastest growing privately held marketing firm in the country. He is a bestselling author with his sixth book just about to launch. He didn’t start out as a direct response marketing expert.

Seth started out as a retail finance advisor when he was 22 years old fresh out of college. He was happy to hear from his new manager that he was going to give him a book with all his clients ready to buy from him.

When he got to the meeting with his new manager, the manager gave him a copy of the phone book. This was a devastating blow as this is not what he was expecting and needless to say, he wasn’t as excited to start this career.

In Seth’s spare time, he is a magician. Seth was reading a marketing trade journal for magicians when he came across a full page ad about marketing for magicians. He couldn’t afford the course so he asked his parents to buy it for him for his birthday.

While it wasn’t a surprise because he knew what he was getting, he was definitely excited about it. Seth decided to change his marketing for his magic show.

Now Seth was the most expensive magician in the area and the busiest magician. He asked the course developer if this would work in his real job as a financial planner and the answer was yes. He asked Dave Dee, the owner of the course, where he learned these techniques and the Dave told him the two words that would change his life… he said “Dan Kennedy”. He spoke with Dan and he told Seth he was doing everything wrong.

Seth Greene and Dan KennedySeth immediately reached out to Dan to ask him how he could use these techniques in his real job and Dan basically said “write me a big check and I’ll help you” (although his pitch was a lot better than what he said, but for the sake of time Seth was very impressed.

He proceeded to ask permission from his wife to write this massive check and she kept saying no. Seth persisted and on the 31st day, she finally said “this better work”.

Three Questions from Seth Greene Every Business Owner Should Answer

While there are just under 20 questions in Seth’s quiz, these are the first three questions that he asked that I thought were the most important because without the answers to these questions, you simply cannot have a successful marketing plan.
Seth Greene Podcast

  • Have you created a written description of who your ideal customer is?
  • Have you created a written description of your business’ unique selling proposition (Your marketing message – what makes you different from anyone else)?
  • Do you know how much any given customer will spend with you?

Go to quizmymarketing.com to take the free quiz Seth Greene designed. This will help you learn where you are in your marketing. This is the quiz that he wished he would have had when he first started.

Podcast Marketing Magic with Seth GreeneAs an opiner, you can get Seth’s book for free by visiting PodcastMarketingMagic.com (all you have to pay for is shipping and handling). This book will help you find great guests and how to find customers with your show.

If you want to learn more about or connect with Seth Greene, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Seth Greene if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Seth Greene? (3:15 Mark)
  • How to figure out your strengths and weaknesses in your marketing. (13:30 Mark)
  • Seth’s special offer to all “Opiners”. (26:00 Mark)
  • Seth talks podcasting – Direct Response Marketing. (30:18 Mark)
  • Seth’s Break Away moment. (32:40 Mark)

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