Siphiwe Baleka

Siphiwe Baleka founded Fitness Trucking to combat the sedentary lifestyle he lived as a truck driver. He developed a system designed for long-haul drivers to get in shape and stay that way in their unique environment.

“I had to solve this problem because it was affecting me.” – Siphiwe Baleka

Chasing One’s Dream

148 Siphiwe Baleka Founder of Fitness TruckingSiphiwe played sports since childhood and had a number of accomplishments. One day, he dreamed to become the first African American to make it to the all-Ivy League Swim Team.

“I knew there was something else for me but I didn’t know what it was.” – Siphiwe Baleka

In 1992, he fell short of his dream and so decided that his heart wasn’t in swimming. He dropped out of school within two months of graduation.

Into Truck Driving

148 Siphiwe Baleka Founder of Fitness TruckingSiphiwe went home afterward and told his dad that he would go travel the world. He did so, but in the long run went back to school and graduated.

“I made a decision and made a commitment to it.” – Siphiwe Baleka

After 15 years of traveling the world, he found himself broke and tired. That’s when his friend offered him to drive a truck and save money.

Fitness for Truck Drivers

148 Siphiwe Baleka Founder of Fitness TruckingSiphiwe has been fit most of his life. When went into trucking, he gained 10.7% of his body weight for the first two months.

“(Where) there’s a real need there is a real opportunity.” – Siphiwe Baleka

He saw that if he will not take care of his weight, he can be heavier and be very unhealthy. He tried every kind of nutrition program. His journey led him to the business he has now.

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