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Sociallybuzz Multiple Social Posting at OnceAndre Kay is CEO and Founder of Sociallybuzz that was created to help businesses grow using social media. He bootstrapped Sociallybuzz from a small social media “do it for you” company to one of the top ten social media agency and software company in the U.S. He grew the company from $0 to over $2 million in less than 5 years with no investment or debt.

He was nominated for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 African-American Achievers Award, selected as a South Florida 2012 Mover and Shaker Honoree and was named one of the top ten black tech innovators blazing a trail in South Florida by the Miami Herald.

As an expert in social media, he is a sought-after speaker for franchise, restaurant and nightlife events and expos. His philanthropic efforts extend to giving back to families in need, donating his time teaching children the fundamentals of soccer as a coach and sponsoring a number of non-profit related events in the community.

Check out this great article on the Sociallybuzz Blog:

7 Tips to Create a Successful Social Media Plan for 2015

Sociallybuzz Blog

The Sociallybuzz Culture is Based on Customer Service to Provide the Following Services:

  • Social Media App: Easily manage Yelp, Google Places, Facebook and Urbanspoon in one place. Business owners and managers don’t have the time to log in to multiple social channels to see what customers are saying about their business. The Sociallybuzz App provides an easy and convenient way to manage and moderate all your channels from one mobile dashboard anytime, anywhere on the go!
  • Social Media Management: SOCIAL MEDIA AND REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – We believe in taking a hands on approach when it comes to managing social media, but more importantly building relationships with real people (fans, followers, consumers, etc.) who interact with brands online. Our social media management services consist of a “real live account manager” who manages social media in real time. We assign dedicated and experienced social media account managers responsible for moderating social media conversations, publishing comments, and monitoring questions across all relevant social media networks. The account manager also works closely with our client(s) so he/she will be educated on the appropriate brand, products, and policies. This real time effectiveness provides consistent customer service for fans, followers and consumers.
  • Social Media Services for Franchises: We help locally owned franchises connect to customers and communities that matter most for the growth of their businesses by harnessing the power of social media.

The Sociallybuzz Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple. It’s not about how many fans, followers, or friends our clients have on their social networks. It’s about turning those people into customers, seat fillers, and brand lovers. It’s not about the tools, the CRM, SRM, social mark up language, or whatever fancy name they have for it. It’s about effectively utilizing the right social networks, geo location applications and/or consumer-to-business communication mediums to meaningfully connect customers to brands that they can feel great about.

Businesses or brands must reach their consumers at a level that connects them to something they value and we at Sociallybuzz get it! We don’t deliver one-time quick marketing fixes. We will consistently and effectively Build, Engage and Grow your business and brand.

Andre Kay CEO SociallybuzzAndre is an incredible entrepreneur. After getting a job working for a bank, it took him only five years to become the vice president. This experience was instrumental in his entrepreneurial career as he took what he learned in banking and finance and incorporated that into the Sociallybuzz business. This provided Andre with the necessary tools take his app business from ZERO to over $2 million in revenues in just over 5 years. As you read in the first paragraph, he did all this will no debt or investment… it’s worth saying again. Yes, you can say it… amazing!

One of the main reasons Andre has been so successful is due to his focus. He also understands that you can’t be everything to everyone and that it takes time to build a brand. This is critical in understanding business from an entrepreneurial point of view. Many people going into business for themselves tend to take on too much and that is one of the worst things a new business owner can do.

Andre built an app and grew the business slowly and over time. Once he started building his business and bringing on larger clients (see this link of some of his success stories and you will be amazed at the results he’s realized for his clients – Amazing Client Stories) he was able to actively dive back into building plans for his future. As you will hear in the interview, Andre has tons of great things coming out in 2015.

Sociallybuzz – Social Media Management and Marketing from Sociallybuzz on Vimeo.

Andre totally gets online marketing. It’s not about the numbers, tools, or crm… it’s about effective networks, location based applications and communication mediums to meaningfully connect customers to brands and businesses that they can feel great about. When you work with Sociallybuzz, the likes and followers you get, genuinely like or follow you because they are getting a value from your message.

It’s easy to find Sociallybuzz online, but here are the shortcut links to learn more about this awesome company:

Sociallybuzz Website
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Follow SociallyBuzz on Twitter – @Sociallybuzz
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Sociallybuzz on CrunchBase
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Here are some of the highlights we discussed during the interview (but, listen to the whole show and let us know what you thought about it by leaving reviews, ratings and comments):

  • Meet Andre Kay (2:45 Mark)
  • How did Andre get into the marketing industry? (4:15 Mark)
  • What is an influencer program? (6:45 mark)
  • What problems does the Sociallybuzz App solve? (11:10 mark)
  • Do you help companies set up their social media with the Sociallybuzz app? (15:56 Mark)
  • What’s next for Sociallybuzz? (17:45 Mark)
  • What cool features does the Sociallybuzz app have? (24:00 Mark)
  • What does Sociallybuzz do on Yelp? (28:39 Mark)
  • Andre’s Break Away Moment. (30:52 Mark)
  • What is Sociallybuzz and Andre doing for startups? (38:05 Mark) – Sociallybuzz Start-Ups Program

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