Jaime Jay welcomes team members, Lex Ayala, John Weidow and Sara Parrish to the show today.  In recognition of International Podcast Day, Jaime wanted to introduce his Slapshot Studio and Podcast Pilot team members.  They all gathered around microphones for a fun episode chatting about all things podcasting.

Lex Ayala “McGyver”

Lex is all things audio. This guy can take an audio recording through two tins cans and a string and make it sound amazing! You can’t imagine how we recorded this show from mobile phones, through landlines into headphones around a mic. We really don’t know how he does it!

Lex lives in Tuscon AZ and loves how podcasting can connect him with like minded people. Lex is the voice of the intro and the iTunesratingn and review.

John the Project Manager

John’s passion is managing website development for Slapshot Studio. He’s always looking for new and great ways to market for clients. This includes website development and facebook funnels to help his clients’ stand out from the crowd and be seen.

Sara Loves Content Creation

Sara is Jaime’s biggest fan. She writes show notes, blogs, creates social media content and has fun working with the team to promote their clients’ businesses.


Connect with Lex

Connect with John

Connect with Sara

Connect with Jaime

Here are the highlights of my conversation with International Podcast Day if you are in a hurry:

  • Who is Lex? (5:18)
  • Who is John? (6:12)
  • What does Sara do? (7:12)

Special Mentions:
(iTunes Shout Out) Our Listeners

Thank you to Alexis Ayala, for providing the incredible editing for this episode. If you need to find an audio editor, send Alexis an email at lex@slapshotstudio.com.

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