Stephen Esketzis – Dominate Internet Marketing 2015

Stephen EsketzisWe start this interview off by having some fun and Stephen was up to the task. He has a great outlook on life and truly enjoys what he does. Stephen Esketzis is a young successful entrepreneur. Stephen is 21 years old and he is an internet marketing from Melbourne, Austrailia. He currently holds a position as head of content with click funnels. Stepehn builds out sales funnels for his clients.

Stephen started by building an app for night clubs in Melbourne, Australia. He noticed the app wasn’t getting much traffic so he started researching ways to generate traffic to the app. He found the answers and his sales funnel strategies business took off from there.

Stephen has been traveling the United States for the past couple weeks. The main reason he made the trip is to visit the Click Funnels headquarters in Boise, Idaho. We discussed the growth of online entrepreneurism in Austrailia and how that has impacted the United States and online marketing in general. In the next couple of years, Austrailia will become an even bigger part of internet marketing.

How to Market and Grow Your Business?

Internet marketing is fantastic because you can leverage your income so that you can continue generating income while you are doing something else. While this isn’t easy, it’s definitely a real possibility. Within the internet marketing industry, it’s very crowded.

Stephen likes to take the strategies that internet marketers use and teach that to offline businesses. People can take internet marketing strategies and sales funnels and incorporate those into many offline companies. There seems to be a bigger market offline than there is online. Many people aren’t as knowledgeable about online marketing when they are running a brick and mortar business.

It’s really exciting when you apply concepts that are being used online and incorporate similar strategies to a business outside of internet marketing. A lot of people try to link entrepreneur with the internet and that’s not necessarily the case. There are many people that cross over into the realm of internet marketing from the offline business world using these strategies.

What Can Someone Do to Generate Traffic Online?

Stephen Esketzis Neil PatelIt’s one of two things:

  1. You either have money – spend money to acquire an audience – or
  2. You have a lot of time – spend time to acquire an audience

When Stephen first started, he didn’t have a lot of money so he had to launch a guerilla marketing campaign. He started blogging. He spent a lot of time blogging and growing his website. This is a very low cost solution to build up your target market. Another way is to start a podcast to help build an audience. When you start getting to a certain level of authority when people start recognizing you and you are starting to generate income through affiliate programs, etc., then you can start paid campaigns.

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Three things to get going today on a budget:

  1. Start a WordPress Blog
  2. Start a Podcast
  3. Create Content as a guest blogger or get interviewed on other Podcasts

If you have money then Stephen suggests:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Display Network

There isn’t a “magic bullet”. To be successful, you need to remain consistent and create a lot of content. – Stephen Esketzis

How to Get the Message Out and to the Right Audience?

On the Move with Stephen EsketzisRyan Levesque wrote a book called “Ask“. He built a certain type of sales funnel called a “survey funnel”. This is a great tool to use in order to find out what message you should use. By doing surveys, you will find out what their “pain points” are. Use the actual words from the surveys that are completed. These words are exactly the words people are using to describe their challenges. These are your keywords.

Another great resource you can use is “Google Consumer Surveys“. This is Google’s way of sending out surveys that you pay for to get these responses. Google has a heap of publishers on board and they protect their paid content. They get people to fill out surveys and they charge internet marketer’s to get these answers.

Another way to do this is by using your email list or renting out an email list of someone that you can pay to send out your survey to. If you want to rent an email list, you should identify someone that has an existing list by offering to pay them to do this.

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Stephen Esketzis if you are in a hurry:
Stephen Esketzis Lambroghini

  • Who is Stephen Esketzis? (3:38 Mark)
  • What is the first thing to do to get your message out? (12:00 Mark)
  • What does Stephen think of podcasting in relation to marketing? (23:59 Mark)
  • What podcasting tools does Stephen like to use? (30:09 Mark)
  • Stephen’s Break Away moment. (35:06 Mark)

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