Todd Stottlemyre

Todd Stottlemyre is an all-star pitcher and World Series Champion who found success by embracing his failures. Today, Todd helps others find their greatness as an author, coach, and mentor.

“I believe everyone was born to be massively successful.” – Todd Stottlemyre

On Pursuing Dreams

153 Todd Stottlemyre MLB World Series Champion Releases the Champion within YouTodd grew up around the Yankee Stadium where his father was an all-star pitcher. His father’s example inspired him to pursue major league baseball.

“Whatever you decide to do, give it everything you have and be the best that you can possibly be.” – Todd Stottlemyre’s father

He never gave in to the challenges. In 1988, he finally entered the major leagues with the Toronto Blue Jays. He played in 15 seasons where landed in three world champion teams.

Now, he is busy helping other individuals pursue their dreams. He gives them a process that they can use to succeed.

The Real Score in Life

Many tend only to see the big picture of success. However, it requires hard work. According to Todd, it’s not all about the money.

“It’s about living your passion and being fulfilled in life. Money doesn’t always weigh whether you are successful or not.” – Todd Stottlemyre

He further shares how material wealth does not necessarily equate happiness. What excites him today is finding someone to help and inspire to move forward.

Overcoming the Challenges in Life

Todd overcame a couple of challenges that built his character. It was difficult for him to escape the shadow of his father. One of the challenges he faced was overcoming the opinion of others.

“The enemy can either inspire you to action or cave you in.” – Todd Stottlemyre

He talks about the enemy significance in life. Overall, he is thankful that his father served as an incredible mentor to him and his brothers.

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