Trevor Page

Trevor Page is a successful coder who found his niche as a teacher. He became frustrated with expense of course hosting sites. So, he built his own course hosting platform that he offers for free to users. He’s a huge believer in offering free help to others while still building his business.

A Teaching Platform for Entrepreneurs

147 Trevor Page Teaching and Giving Lead to Entrepreneurial SuccessTrevor started as a programmer. Later on, he found joy in teaching others about codes. That became his business.

“If you have courses that you want to create and sell online, perhaps I can help you out and do it for free.” – Trevor Page

Out of his need, he created a platform to provide courses to his students. Now, he is making it available for other entrepreneurs to use.

An Affordable Way that Works

The platform is called Proffesso. It allows him to upload his courses and sell them to his students. He found the popular platforms rather expensive, so he created one for his own use.

“I needed to teach my students in a way that is affordable to them and in a way that works for them.” – Trevor Page

He ended up having around 15 courses. Now, other entrepreneurs can also enjoy Proffesso for their online courses.

Appreciating the Value

Trevor admits that he also has his own share of struggles with giving things for free. He saw that people tend to neglect the value of a thing if it’s always being offered for free. That is why his platform also has a premium.

“Giving your stuff away for free is still a strategy that works.” – Trevor Page

There is a reason why chose to include a premium. Recently someone helped him out with his sales funnels for free. In the end, he felt so bad because he saw how hard the person worked. So, he decided to pay him instead.

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