Yigal Adato

Jaime Jay interviews Yigal Adato of leaderato.com and legionofleaders.com. Yigal focuses on clarity, courage, and commitment to help successful entrepreneurs have successful personal lives with their family and friends.

“Reflect on what’s happening and dig deep to understand your current circumstances.” -Yigal Adato

Helping Leaders Succeed

131 Yigal Adato Lessons Learned from a Successful EntrepreneurYigal started as an account at his brother’s pawnshop. He received fifty percent of the business. After 15 years of success, they sold the company and he is now helping others become better leaders themselves.

“I am dedicated to helping business owners to become better leaders.” -Yigal Adato

In between those many years of working at the pawnshop, his father got diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Dementia. During that time, his wife was pregnant with their daughter. He decided to sell the company and focused on the leadership skills he has that he can share with others.

The Marks of a True Leader

131 Yigal Adato Lessons Learned from a Successful EntrepreneurAccording to Yigal, a true leader knows what he knows and what he doesn’t. He doesn’t lie about his situation, but admits it and takes action.

“What do you want, what do you need, and what are you lying to yourself about?” -Yigal Adato

He talks about a business owner’s tendency to become addicted to overwhelm. Some pretend to know everything when in reality they don’t. They can be honest about their situation instead.

How to Realize What You’re Missing

131 Yigal Adato Lessons Learned from a Successful EntrepreneurFor business owners to realize that they are missing something, they can sit back and think about it. They can reflect on what is really happening.

“The biggest misconception about leadership is thinking you have to know it all.” -Yigal Adato

Another way to see where you might be missing out is to have coaches, mentors, and colleagues that can call you out. They can help you determine what you need to find a solution for and how to solve it.

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