Why Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants

Running a business is no easy feat. It’s hard to wear multiple hats. There are tasks that you may not enjoy or you’re not skilled at. Similarly, with bigger companies, talent acquisition and management is no walk in the park. This is where the benefits of hiring a qualified Filipino virtual assistant step in.

Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines

A Worker Home Country

The Philippines, in particular, is a rich source of qualified talents with a high rate of willingness to work. According to the Online Labour Index (20 September 2018), the Philippines is among the top 20 worker home countries.

Specializations include:

creative and multimedia
clerical and data entry
software development and technology
professional services
writing and translation
sales and marketing support

Literate, Talented Workforce

The country’s literacy rate is high, indexed at 98.3% in a survey of the Philippine Statistics Association in April 2018. This means that most of the population can generally read, write, and understand basic messages in any language or dialect, including English.

In fact, English is an official language in the country. The language is introduced to children as early as preschool, and is used as a medium of instruction in basic through tertiary education.

But the Philippines differ from other non-native countries implementing the use of English in their educational systems. The language is more than just a subject taught in school.

Filipinos use English as a primary tool for communication in their everyday lives. Signages reading, “Ice for Sale” and “Don’t Block the Driveway” can be found in cities as frequently as in remote areas. These are not the typical examples found in textbooks used to teach usage of the language but all corners teem with.

In recent years, an influx of foreign students who wish to learn English as a second language (ESL) have gone to the Philippines to study, enticed by the low cost of education and highly-skilled ESL teachers. The country’s premier universities also offer classes completely taught in English, encouraging more international enrollees aiming for graduate and postgraduate degrees.

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants look for communication skills of Filipinos when hiring. Each year, thousands of college graduates join the pool of talent eager to obtain employment and training. The company primarily seeks to hire from individuals that have acquired these skills in addition to looking for candidates experienced in certain areas of expertise.

Virtual Team

Low Cost for High-Quality Work

Filipino remote workers typically receive higher compensation compared to their counterparts from other top countries for outsourcing. But the low cost of living in the country corresponds to low cost of labor in exchange for high-quality output by highly-skilled and competitive workers.

The past couple of years, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has flourished in the country, especially call centers. Technological advancements and innovations have penetrated the market and been made available for households as well, giving rise to more workers migrating from traditional office jobs to the comfort of their homes.

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The Unique Filipino Culture

The Philippines has an affinity to Western culture given the course of the country’s history. Filipinos not only learn English and speak it well. They love American sports, crave cheeseburgers, tune into American series and listen to Western music on their downtime.

This immersion in foreign culture helps them engage effectively with clients from overseas. They can use slang and idioms clients can comprehend and carry out extended conversations easily.

The unique Filipino heritage is also an outstanding offer to the market. This brings to the table a plethora of favorable traits, which include hard work, adaptability, and commitment towards fellow countrymen.

Bottleneck VA Pakikipag kapwaThis commitment or regard for others is more popularly known as the Filipino culture of “pakikipagkapwa”, which associates them with one another and with anyone they establish relationships with, be it at work or in the social context.

Pakikipagkapwa stems from the word “kapwa”, which means fellow human being. This cultural trait renders Filipinos open and united with others, treating them with dignity and respect. Pakikipagkapwa is demonstrated in the Filipino’s sense of justice and fairness, empathy, helpfulness, generosity and hospitality.

This regard for others makes Filipinos sensitive beyond the quality of interpersonal relationships that they develop. When portrayed and acknowledged positively, this gives them strength to go on and unites them towards a good cause.

Filipino workers are also known to be resilient and resourceful, fulfilling their tasks with little supervision and despite challenges that they may be presented with. This ability to be independent helps mitigate some concerns that may arise when hiring remote workers.

All these things make the Filipino culture a unique combination of attentive hospitality and attitude of care and compassion typical of Easterners, drizzled by Western cultural influence that allows them to easily adapt to their clients’ sensibilities.

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants believe that these cultural affiliations on top of a wide array of skill sets possessed by qualified virtual assistants place Filipinos among the best choices when outsourcing offshore workers.


Our virtual assistants are vetted based on workplace requirements, English comprehension, attitude, and job-specific skill sets. Employment availability is also taken into consideration when hiring.

Employee retention is given new life by revolutionizing the workplace environment. In true spirit of pakikipagkapwa, we have an established network of virtual assistants who may serve as go-to partners for their workmates. This, we believe, will encourage virtual assistants to go the extra mile and eventually seek long-term positions in the company.

Employee benefits are not compulsory but highly encouraged in order for businesses to gain an advantage in the competitive market. Particularly with Filipinos, there is the special favor called "thirteenth-month pay" or "Christmas bonus", which is equivalent to one month's worth of salary usually paid late November. Other benefits are available to choose from.

Through all these, we alleviate the stress that comes with identifying potential applicants, hiring quality candidates, and ensuring a workplace founded on trust and confidentiality.

Save time by running your business, enjoy the real-life benefits of outsourcing and leave the hiring to us. You're in good hands with Bottleneck Virtual Assistants.

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants offers professional growth opportunities for ambitious leaders by creating an efficient and systematic approach for their business. We identify, hire and cultivate team members who focus on specific roles and responsibilities.

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