Shelby Reed: How Seniors and their Families can safely make a move NOW amidst COVID-19

How Seniors and their Families can safely make a move NOW amidst COVID-19 | Shelby Reed

Shelby Reed, co-owner of Senior Living Experience, joins us today on Live With Bottleneck. She shares tips on the lifestyle transitions of seniors who are moving to their retirement communities during this pandemic. This episode is particularly helpful for seniors who require special attention and are considering senior care. Deciding to Make the Move  The Seniors…

John Murphy: What is Your Legacy?

What is Your Legacy? | John Murphy

As we live through these harsh times due to the current pandemic, many of us might have reached a point in our lives where we ask, “what kind of legacy would I leave behind?” Join us today as we speak with John Murphy, CEO, and Founder of John Murphy International. We talk about how we,…

Jason Bradshaw: Making Customer and Employee Experience CEXY!

Making Customer and Employee Experience CEXY! | Jason Bradshaw

In 2020, COVID-19 changed the world in more ways than one. The global pandemic forced families to change lifestyles, businesses to struggle, and create a new norm for generations to come. Despite the implication of this pandemic, CEO’s and business owners find a way to make the customer and employee experience CEXY. In this episode…

Elizabeth Barry: Design Your Mind to Be Kind

Design Your Mind to Be Kind | Elizabeth Barry

We have today on Live With Bottleneck, Ms. Elizabeth Barry, an inspirational author, keynote speaker, and business and performance coach. She shares with us today her expertise in “kind” communication and compassionate leadership strategies.   The Kindness Mantra Elizabeth shares the challenge with people she’s working with is: encouraging them to change their language and use…

Dr. Zachery Schaefer: Science or My Gut? Data Driven Talent Decisions

Science or My Gut? Data-Driven Talent Decisions (Part 2) | Dr. Zachery Schaefer

In this episode of Live with Bottleneck, we have Dr. Zachery Schaefer, an award-winning consultant, and professional speaker. He is also the founder and CEO of Spark The Discussion, a team that solves talent and management challenges. Today, we talk about the use and impact of behavioral assessment on you and your business. Behavioral Assessment…


How to Aviate, Navigate and Communicate During Traumatic Life Events | Dave Sanderson

There are a lot of times where we experience different kinds of challenges. Sometimes, we need a little help from someone to surpass those. So to help, Dave Sanderson is here with us today to talk about a strategy called aviate, navigate, and communicate. He is a professional speaker and the founder and president of…