What’s Up with VA’s These Days? | Michelle & Doug Myers

On today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, we have spouses Michelle and Doug Myers to talk about the status and the current set-up of virtual assistants and remote work these days. They also share their experiences as virtual assistants and how they built their business, Pink Callers, an administrative support solution. Different Perspective Doug and…

Mitchell Levy

How to Be a Credible Thought Leader | Mitchell Levy

In this episode of Live With Bottleneck, we have TEDx speaker and international bestselling author Mitchell Levy and he shares his experience and knowledge on you can become a credible thought leader. Mitchell also discusses the components of credibility and how to embody them. We hope that this episode will help you become a credible…


Curtains and Mentors | Wayne Herring

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we have Wayne Herring, the founder of Business Builder Camp to talk about how we can push ourselves to learn and discover new things through moving the big curtains in our lives to see the greater side behind it. Wayne is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs to build and…

Todd Clarke: Title: Stop Rambling, Start Persuading—For Whatever You Write, Say, or Show

Stop Rambling, Start Persuading—For Whatever You Write, Say, or Show | Todd Clarke

Todd Clarke, the Minister of Clarity of Todd’s Got A Pen shares with us how you can Start Persuading—For Whatever You Write, Say, or Show. From brain barf to busting the writer’s block, Todd gives us a rundown on how to distill information to ensure you get a clear, concise message across your audience. Overexplaining…


How Medical Distant Assistants Can Help You in Your Practice | Dr. David Laurino

Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services co-founder Dr. David Laurino joins us on today’s session of Live With Bottleneck. He shares tips on how outsourcing can help physicians in their practice and how virtual assistance works in the field of medicine.    Outsourcing is Key  David shares that administrative works such as charting progress notes are eating most…

Gabe Nelson

5 Steps to a More Profitable Solo Business | Financial Advisor of Gabe Nelson Financial, Inc.

Finance veteran Gabe Nelson joins us on today’s edition of Live With Bottleneck. As a financial advisor and a small business owner himself, Gabe shares amazing tips for a more profitable solo business.        Know Your Finances  Gabe starts off the conversation with the first step of knowing your finances — to look into the expenses.…