Using Data Analytics to Elevate the HR Function with

Using Data Analytics to Elevate the HR Function | Dr. John Johnson

Joining us on this episode of Live With Bottleneck is author and business owner John Johnson. He shares his expertise in Human Resources (HR) and in data analysis. He teaches techniques on how to fuse the two elements together in order to elevate your business to the next level.  Starting Data Analysis  John starts the…

Keeping Up the Momentum

AWIR: Keeping Up the Momentum

On today’s show, Bottleneck Distant Assistants (BNDA) CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox talk about how they keep the momentum up when they achieve their goals and objectives. Also, they talk about how they overcome the challenges in the process of launching the improved Bottleneck. Building Relationship Sara and Jamie look back to the events that…

Storytelling for Business Growth

Storytelling for Business Growth | Jennifer Gardner

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we talk all about storytelling with our very special guest, Jennifer B. Gardner. Jennifer is the founder of Roam Howl Creative. She is a trial lawyer and an entrepreneur who has owned her own law firm in Los Angeles for 25 years. Today, she shows us how you can use…

Launching a New Product Service is Tough

AWIR: Launching a New Product/Service is Tough

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we talk about the struggles that come with launching a new product and service. Coming from a recent launch, Jaime Jay and his wife Sara give us a closer look on the new and improved Bottleneck Distant Assistants (BNDA) and how it can help grow and improve organizations and maximize…

What Silicon Valley Knows About Growing Startups | Lara Jordan

What Silicon Valley Knows About Growing Startups | Lara Jordan

Merging her passions for startups and doing marketing and advertising for, Lara Jordan is a digital marketer providing support to Silicon Valley StartUps. She is the Head of Marketing of company Pericus Ventures for three years now. Today, she shares her experiences as an outsourced marketing and advertising agency who helps StartUps in the San…

Terri Levine

Conversion Equation: How To Generate All The Leads You Can Handle | Terri Levine

A lot of entrepreneurs struggled with their business when the pandemic happened. To be able to help, Dr. Terri Levine wrote a book titled Conversion Equation. Her passion for writing books and coaching entrepreneurs helped a lot of businesses to grow. Today on Live with Bottleneck, sit back, relax, and learn as Dr. Terri Levine shares tips…