Brenda Batista Mollohan

Culture Eats Strategy with Bottleneck Advisors with Brenda Batista-Mollohan

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Brenda Batista-Mollohan talks with us about being an advocate of Company Culture, and why it is important for stopping the Bottleneck in your business. Brenda Batista-Mollohan is the Founder of Inspiring Company Culture. She helps leaders transform their work environments to be places where everyone is heard, valued,…

Dave Sanderson Live with Bottleneck

Turning Turmoil into Triumph with Dave Sanderson

  In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Dave Sanderson teaches us how to turn turmoil into triumph. To say that we are living in unprecedent times is a gigantic understatement. Dave himself survived one of those moments of history: he was one of 155 people who faced a real plane crash called the Miracle…

Angel Cellucci

How To Protect Yourself From Medical Fraud with Angel Cellucci

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Angel Cellucci gives her advice on how to protect yourself from Medical Fraud. Medical Fraud has been rampant over the years, especially now during the middle of a pandemic. Hopefully, this episode will be of some help to business owners and the general public alike. Angel Cellucci started…

A Week In Review With Jaime Jay and Sara Knox

Stick-to-itiveness | A Week in Review with Jaime and Sara

Have you ever had challenges in your company that seemed impossible, but you stuck to it in the end? In today’s A Week In Review, Jaime and Sara talk about past challenges that they have encountered. They also talk about sticking to it and pushing yourself to not quit on your goals. Sticking to It…

Steve Feld wordpress

Simple Strategies To Grow Your Business Right Now with Steve Feld

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Steve Feld shares some simple strategies that can grow your business in the current market. These ideas are actually in his upcoming 5th book, but he’s here to give you a sneak peek. Steve Feld is a Biz Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, and an award-winning Business Management Executive.…

Larry Olsen

What Do You Mean by an Achievement Acceleration Company? With Larry Olsen

In today’s episode of Live with Bottleneck, Larry Olsen talks about how your teams can break ingrained, ineffective habits that are holding them back, much like a Bottleneck in your workflow. Larry Olsen is an international speaker, podcast host, and CEO of Aperneo. He also has a bestselling book called Get a Vision and Live…