AWIR with Jaime & Sara: Workflows, Deadlines, and Sales – OH MY!

Today, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants CEO Jaime Jay, and COO Sara Knox talk about Workflows, Deadlines, and Sales. This Edition of A Week in Review contains information and processes on how you can improve your companies efficiency through the use of a systematized workflow. The Need To Constantly Change Creating a good system and workflow provides…


The #1 Alternative to Paid Traffic and How to Reach People Online in a World Where Organic Reach is Dropping | Matt Johnson

Businesses face always poses the question: how to best reach clients? Pitching to a new audience, who are also potential customers, is another challenging aspect of any business. Reaching people online in the last few years has been quite difficult due to the walls that paid traffic has implemented.  Today, Live on Bottleneck, we have…


The Future of Work and the Workplace | Dan Goldstern

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace for different businesses has dramatically changed. The introduction of a remote-based workforce promises great productivity at a lower cost, but will remote-operated businesses become the future of workplaces?  Let us find out today at Live on Bottleneck with Dan Goldstern, Co-Founder of DogoAI. He talks about…


How To Turn Your Passions Into a Thriving Business | Ana Kertesz

Are you planning to start a business but having trouble getting the right ideas, inspiration, and tools to embrace change? Look no further because today on Live on Bottleneck, we have Ana Kertesz, the Founder, and CEO of HOWto.Liveit. She talks about how you can turn your passion into a thriving business. Transitioning From Corporate …


AWIR with Jaime & Sara: Post Game Interview

Today, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox talk about the challenges that they have encountered for the past week. They also share some fruitful conversations from their meetings and how they deal with the challenges. With this edition of A Week in Review, get a glimpse inside their business and daily lives. Taking…


Trust is the Most Valuable Currency. Learn How to Leverage It | Miha Matlievski

Joining us on today’s episode of Live With Bottleneck is Miha Matlievski. He talks about how failure changed his life after almost giving up. He shares his inspiring story of recovery, redemption, and success. Pay special attention to why he thinks trust is the most valuable currency today and how you as a business person…