How to Turn Your Message Into a Podcast! | Aaron Wexler

WestCoast VBC founder Aaron Wexler joins us today on this episode of Live With Bottleneck. He talks about his new-found passion project during this pandemic- podcasting. Aaron shares tips on how to make your message reach more people by turning it into a podcast.  Find Your Recurring Theme Aaron starts off by discussing that he…


How Distributed Workforces are Thriving in a Post COVID-19 World | A Week In Review

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants Founder Jaime Jay and COO Sara wrap the events of the past seven days into a capsule of amazing ideas for you. This week, Jaime and Sara share how their “Dedicated Distant Assistant” concept was conceived. They also share tips on how this concept can help you in your business.  Redesign and…

Neil Sahota: It Starts and Ends with People

It Starts and Ends with People | Neil Sahota

Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Neil Sahota joins us on  today’s episode of Life with Bottleneck to discuss the potential use of AI in businesses. He shares insights on innovative ways to use technology in business. Hopefully, you will get tips regarding the impact and use of AI and apply it on your business and everyday…

Morgan Wright

Remote Work Cyber Threats are Increasing | Morgan Wright

Today on Live with Bottleneck, we talk about how we can keep ourselves safe and secure through the prevention of cyber threats. There’s no other perfect person to speak about this topic other than Morgan Wright. Morgan is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyberterrorism, identity theft, and privacy.  Romance Scams Morgan briefly discussed…


A Week in Review with Jaime and Sara on Live with Bottleneck

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants (BNVA) CEO Jaime Jay and COO Sara Knox talk about the events and learnings that transpired within the company for the past seven days. This edition of A Week in Review contains insights on systems and processes how you can make your businesses better through proper delegation. Examining Your System  Jaime Jay…

Mark Modesti: How to Create a TRUE Platform in Order to Thrive in 2020 and Beyond

How to Create a TRUE Platform in Order to Thrive in 2020 and Beyond | Mark Modesti

Words are powerful, that is a fact. With us today on Live With Bottleneck is Mark Modesti, an content creator and copywriter. He talks about the power of TRUE (transparency, reliability, uniqueness, and empathy in copywriting and marketing. Join the discussion now and let the power of the TRUE platform impact your business and client…