From War-Torn Syria to the United States with Rama Youssef | Live with Bottleneck

On this special episode of Live with Bottleneck, our guest Rama Youssef talks about surviving the war on Syria, and her journey to reaching the United States. Her story mirrors a lot of the people seeking help and hoping to live in peace. Rama Youssef wrote a book about surviving war-torn Syria at the age…


Imposter Syndrome with Jaime and Sara | Live with Bottleneck: A Week in Review

Have you ever felt that you don’t deserve the position or status that you currently have, despite all the progress and achievements you’ve had? You could be having an imposter syndrome moment. In today’s episode of A Week In Review, Jaime and Sara discuss the topic of Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome So what is Imposter…

Chuck Cooper Live with Bottleneck WordPress

What is HR Outsourcing with Chuck Cooper | Live with Bottleneck

On today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest Chuck Cooper talks about what HR outsourcing, and how it can help your business grow.   Chuck Cooper has been involved at the ownership level with a number of companies across several different industries over the past 25 years. Chuck loves partnering with companies to develop their HR strategies.…

Mike Finger Live with Bottleneck WordPress

How Giving Away Your Work Helps You Sell Your Business with Mike Finger | Live with Bottleneck

On today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest Mike Finger talks about how delegating your work can help you take your business to the next level. Delegation is an important tool in a business owner’s arsenal, as it lets you focus on more important aspects of the business. Mike Finger is a successful small business owner. He…

Filling the holes a week in review

Filling in the Holes with Jaime and Sara

In any business, there are certain aspects that might be missing, or needs to be fixed. It could be a non-intuitive workflow, optimizing your website, or other small details that got overlooked. Almost like filling in the holes you find in your boat. In today’s A Week In Review, Jaime and Sara discuss some of…

Elizabeth Dodson WordPress

How to Start & Scale A Technology Business to 7 Figures with Elizabeth Dodson | Live with Bottleneck

On today’s Live with Bottleneck, our guest Elizabeth Dodson talks about how to properly start and scale your tech business. A lot of tech startups end up fizzling out before they can reach their potential. Our guest today shares her insights on how to prevent that from happening, so you can take your tech business to…