Become a Live
with Bottleneck Guest


Interested in becoming a guest on the Live with Bottleneck show?

Awesome... we prepared an overview for you to give you a better idea of what you can expect:

What the show is about?

The show, Live with Bottleneck, is all about how you can help others stop the Bottleneck in their business. Give insights, tips, strategies and advice about what you do to help others. This is not a 'pitch-fest'. It is about creating an authentic dialog for educational purposes.


Who is Jaime Jay?

Jaime is the host of Live with Bottleneck and also the founder and managing director of Bottleneck Distant Assistants. He is the author of 'Quit Repeating Yourself' and has interviewed over 1,000 people since sourcing his first distant assistant in 2006. He enjoys learning about company culture, leadership and building business.

In his spare time, Jaime enjoys playing hockey, camping, boating, playing guitar, shooting guns, traveling and spending time with his amazing wife, Sara. Jaime has been featured in Forbes, CBS, NBC, Springfield Business Journal, Shoutout LA Magazine, Fox, CW, Ask, Daily Herald, One-Person One-Million Dollar Business (the book), and more.


What you can expect?

Initially, you can expect to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time in the Streamyard green room. Your host will answer any questions you have and then will give you an overview of how the program works. At certain points, the host will enlarge your screen and share your contact information via lower thirds to our audience and so it will seem like you are speaking to yourself.

On occasion, you may have questions/comments by viewers during the live conversation - your host will pop the questions/comments up on the screen for you to address. Jaime will ask you to stay on as he wraps up the show. He will see you in the green room after he stops recording to answer any questions and let you know more information about what we do with the livestream. Once the recording starts, the show is live to the world:-)

You will be able to share links to your website, social media, books, etc at the end of the show. We encourage you to provide a way for people to connect with you at the end of the show. We hope your message resonates with our audience in such a way that they are motivated to contact you to learn more about you and/or your organization.

Where does the show play?

The show goes live on Jaime's personal profile, his business Facebook page, his business Twitter, his personal LinkedIn profile and of course the Bottleneck TV YouTube page.


Who will see your episode and how many viewers do you have?

The people that are watching Live with Bottleneck are mostly small business owners/entrepreneurs consisting of business coaches, consultants, real estate experts, digital marketing/advertising agency owners, non-profit agencies, medical professionals, and much more. After the pre-marketing campaign, the livestream itself, social media sharing and written review, you can expect to have approximately 20,000 impressions.

When are the show times?

Tuesday and Thursdays at 2pm CST.


What platform is the show recorded on?

We livestream on StreamYard. You will be sent your own unique link the day before you are scheduled to go live. Please don't share this link with anyone... it is private for you and the host only.

What materials are needed from you?

Company Name

Job Title


120-word bio

Email address

Topic you want to discuss

Your social media handles



You can include your phone number or any other contact information you would like our audience to get in touch with you.


Make sure that you inform family, friends, colleagues and pets that you will be recording a livestream tv show and that you hope you are not interrupted. Use headphones, a good quality microphone and a solid internet connection (it is best if you are not using wi-fi, but are hard-wired into your device).

(it is best if you are not using wi-fi, but are hard-wired into your device).


For any questions, please email