People Who Can Outsource to Distant Assistants


People Who Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants

People Who Can Outsource to Distant Assistants

Longing to free up time for yourself, loved ones, and pursuits? A little help from a professional and skilled individual just might be what you need. Here is a list of people who can outsource to distant assistants.

1. Bloggers

The idea of earning money from blogs has captivated people from around the world for many years now. It could be something you would also be interested in especially when you enjoy writing and sharing remarkable stories with others.

But there is one catch and it’s this: a successful blog is more than just words on a page. It also requires good search engine optimization (SEO), website maintenance, and marketing.

Luckily, there are skilled individuals online who can do the work in your stead. There are talented writers, marketers, web developers, and SEO specialists who can look after these tasks for you.

Lightbulb Moment:

It is no secret that distant assistant services cost less than hiring a traditional corporate employee. We have come across questions like: Does pay rate have something to do with the quality of results and does less pay mean less quality? The answer is no.

As you dig deeper into the market, you may find that many of the distant assistants do really great jobs. They work professionally and know their specialties.

Perhaps the only difference they have from the traditional employee is that they have taken their skills and time as their own — it’s their business.

To achieve better results with a DA, you can spare some time training him. That will acquaint him with your brand as well as help him determine better ways of fulfilling the tasks you’ve outsourced.

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2. Brick and Mortar Business Owners

How do you get more feet, more conversions, and sales, into your business? There are two ways: 1) deliver quality products, and services, and 2) market them to your target customers.

To help you out, you can have a variety of distant assistants for different tasks. Among which you can outsource for your brick-and-mortar business are scheduling appointments, building and maintaining your business website, marketing your business online via social media and different types of content.

Having an online space also allows for customer loyalty using gift vouchers, newsletters, an active social media presence, and others.

3. Coaches and Trainers

Looking forward to extending and expanding your reach? Working as a coach or trainer exposes you to different individuals and — if times are good — more clients and earnings to handle. Thus, the number of tasks you need to complete could pile up as well.

A distant assistant can be there to book you a flight, purchase items for your clients, optimize your blog, set up a website, edit a video presentation for you, transcribe a recording, or generate leads for you.

Think about the things you want to achieve and break them down to bite size pieces. That way, you will know which tasks you can outsource to reliable DAs.

4. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can give you a life of freedom from bosses and from the 9 to 5 work hours. But as you progress in your journey, you could find yourself bogged down by tons of paperwork and priorities. Instead of completely enjoying that freedom you wanted, you could end up bound by tasks instead.

Though that does not necessarily have to be the case. A Distant assistant can help give you more time to do the things you love as well as those things that require more attention in your business.

For that, you can have a Distant assistant bookkeeper, sales representative, email and social media marketer, data entry specialist, and others that can give you a hand in your business.

5. Podcasters

There’s more to podcasting than recording and editing episodes. There are also other tasks such as creating optimized show notes, booking interviews, marketing on social media, sending out email newsletters to keep listeners updated, creating graphics, and maintaining a podcast website. Your things to-do may depend on the goals you want to achieve.

As easy as these tasks may appear to some, they could take time to fulfill for others. Editing an audio or video alone could take hours.

One may start podcasting out of a sheer desire to publish a message or perhaps out of one’s passion to connect with others in a niche. But it requires time, efficient strategies, and skillful implementation to succeed. Distant assistants can be your partners for this.

6. School Teachers

Being a school teacher is, like they say, one of the noblest professions. You have the privilege to train kids and help them hone their skills to achieve their best selves. In the future, these kids could become the next engineer, the next CEO, the next president, or the first person to conquer an honorable feat.

But then most of your time daily could be spent at school teaching classes and checking piles of test papers and activities. Not to mention, there could be random meetings and tasks to attend to.

The question often posed here is this: Do you have other priorities to attend to, or a desire to have another basket to earn money from in order to achieve your dreams for yourself, loved ones, and perhaps also for your students?

Similar to other hardworking individuals, school teachers may also outsource to distant assistants.

Tasks like doing research, building and maintaining a website for another means of income like an online store, creating and sending memos, editing a book, and scoring the students’ recorded oral readings could already give you a big push towards your goals in achieving a better and convenient life.

7. Many Others

The tasks you can outsource to distant assistants can be limitless. Consider any specific goals you want to achieve. For example, it could be…

  • Run a social media page or group – a social media manager can create a strategy and manage it
  • Transfer data from a document – a data entry distant assistant may sift data from that document and organize them into a spreadsheet
  • Redesign your website – a brand developer, a graphic artist, and a web developer may team up to create a remarkable experience for your site users and/or clients
  • Create video tutorials – a video editor can add life to your videos by adding transitions, images, animations, and other features

These are just some of the tasks and people who can outsource to distant assistants. Lawyers, medical practitioners, event speakers, and others may also consider partnering with a DA as well.

In all these, what’s important is you know the tasks you want to be done, be able to spare some time to train your distant assistants, have the budget to pay for their services, and keep a steady communication. Together you can achieve more wins in the process.

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